Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Vacation Continues....

Hey guys, so I'm back after a big break of more than half a year.Well,to describe how this year have fared for me ...Definitely,bad or I'll say chalta hain..(only the sis's marriage,I'll say was a learing phase wid loads of xperience )wid the max time staying in one's room be it at hostel or at home...joining got deferred..from Oct..n it contd...Lets c..kab aata hain!!
Agar is mein bhi postive dekhte hain...toh I'll say..jaroor Bhagwan hamare liye kuch achha socha hain,dats joining is getting delayed bcz sumthng better than this is being waiting for kuch bhi ho,Dil ko tasili toh deni hogi na...yahi sahin!!
In the past few months,my mind or rather I'll say myself(It's me who controls my mind nt viceversa), kept on wavering between a lot of bored,frustated, the end...those things themselves got depressed n bored out.One time,I thought of starting a business,bt had to drop dat idea as didnt had much info abt dat domain,thot of preparing for my interests held me as I never wanted it anytime and then it was GMAT..,which too got ruled out bcz of finances...finally,it boiled to one thing..dats do a job or search for a job of my interest,currently and then do an MBA from a top institute...that seemed realistically possible.
JOB ki search jaari hain....will keep posting!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


What an ice-cream to have...really yummy!! This time our wingie--friends decided to go to CCD after dinner.We,five of them,just felt like going out,so we went to Ginger's CCD.
As usual cold coffee wasn't be too missed outat CCD,so I n Hardik,ordered it---named 'Cold sparkle'( Cold coffee n sparkling... hehe,so contradictory na). Bishu went for chocolate ice-cream (uska mood nahi tha,bt still )....Rohit n Sayan decided to share sizzling was sizzling in terms of appearance only.....what I felt like. They also ordered cool blue n choco latte.... flavorful shakes.
And den, many it could have been possible. We took a number of snaps...Later, dese will turn out to be memories together n forever:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Down in d mouth!!

Why Everything That begins should end,
why everytime U have to pretend
why again n again u leave n transcend!
Why the one U like can't be with U!
why d world z being so ingrateful to u,
& why everytime it's being U n U only!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer Of 09(19th April)!!!

With exams in the process,one can't think apart from studies in their mind.But, we dare to be different!
Set out from the hostel for puja in the department,we had a great,memorable n unxpected afternoon. It started out at the department with the B'day boy-Vinod giving a mini-sort of treat in the form of cane juice to every dept. fellow.There were poses with canes,glasses at the jhoops.
Then came the turn of IIM grad,when he was asked to give treat n so he obliged.Thanks to the geek 4 his treat!!
In the scorching afternoon,we went 2 DI(i don't remember the last time when I went to that restaurant).At DI,everyone entering gave twice a thought of sitting over there b'coz of the live performance of dissilient singers over there.With songs dedicated to everyone(even pairs weren't spared),we had fun until we finally came out.
Outside DI,after lot of persuasion our great singer-Poka,which we call him,sang a song from the movie--Raju Chacha. Then we moved on to the nearby mall called Suhata over there....jst sitting n moving over dere.
At the Gandhimore,it was the turn of the fedora guy-BRC n the gate phodu--Suraj to allow us to relish on nimbu pani or mango shake,whichever u choose.Filled upto the throat level,we still discussed about who's going to be the next scapegoat.And then it was the camera man--Kochi who asked us to finally pose in front of the college gate(with stare of everypasser-by).

Well, what a fun-loving afternoon we had.With college coming to an end n outings with exams at its peak, I think we're going to have a nice April ahead.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Fine Morning!!

With how many of you'll it have happened that u wake up in the morning n u r still in the hypnopompic state trying to figure that another day has begun & ur friend in the next room says,"Hey..listen..I've made into IIM-L,IIM- B didnt clicked(he told previously that his interview over there wasn't gud) n the rest are expected 2day"!!
What will be your reaction?....Ur eyes lit up,obviously n all of a sudden everything seems so snappy around U.
That's what happened to me 2day when I woke up at a fine morning after a disastrous day the day before.I saw Bishu strolling around in the verandah n then Rohit called me. He said that in IIM-L as expected n IIM-C also included this adept in their list of short-listed students.Also, in IIM-I he's there in the waiting list,but why to bother.

And the other institutes didn't wanted this brilliant fellow in their list,that's why I always used to wonder one tag which I read somewhere n it goes like this,
'People get what they deserve or they deserve what they get'.
Whatever it may be ,for now he deserves those accolades.... Hat's off to the brainy geek!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


At this time of my college,hardly ten days to go for the end sems, but I can assure U that u won't find more than half of the college gearing up for their exams,esp. for this 3-4 days. The festal occasion that's going includes some of latest star bands visiting our college.These include Kunal Ganjawala (Doesn't it instantly reminds one of Bheege Hont tere...),Bhumi band(anyone staying in Bengal must be aware of this famous band), Metal Force One(well, it might sound some phoren in its name n people with slight G>K taste must be aware of this) n finally its the Dhoom pichak dhoom or Maaeri.....yaad toh aa hi gaya hoga,obviously "Euphoria"!!!
After reading these, one can surely guess that how one can study at this fanatic time n for the final yrs,well I just can't describe....its like a day deciding what to do in the evenings rather than deciding what to study!!!
Well, let me have the joy of the moment,too.....fir pata nahi KaL Ho Na Ho!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time to Bid Adieu!!

We Loved "Him"
we admired him n we worshiped him
we adored him in our worst times
He shared the best times with us..
The memories we'll cherish
the fantasies to relish
the dreamz to accomplish
But, now we're feeling feverish
To leave "Him" n say sayonara
Will seem like vagabondish,

But,we have to...
For this is Life..we have to move ON!!
And one thing is for sure,
we'll remember him for all the good n bad times we had
writing this gives me a sense of jitter,
We have to MOVE on!!!

You must wondering with whom these people are in such deep love that they are attached to.
Its my "College-NIT Dgp" ,the duration over which the affection have grown a lot for each other.But,now the time is coming to bid farewell to it and move on.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

"Life"---moments n morsels!!

One must have heard of accidents or fortuity taking place.Go through a newspaper daily or open up ur TV or browse across the news channel-sites and u'll find everyday such sort of events happening around u or in d world in which u live. These causalities are so freak that there's never a second time in these cases.
But, to my wildest dreams, I never imagined that I will be among one of them witnessing such chance events n that,too with a friend of mine.With a month left to complete my engineering, every one of us were in frolic mood planning to go somewhere or the other, the next day.But,now there's a question mark being put over it...Every year, the passing batch becomes onlookers for such sort of strokes...
Ask anyone of our departmental guys, who doesn't know VIVEK SINGH...
n his closest friend-Shashi----the Delhities, the inseparable ones.
A picnic to a river side with friends with a handful of them knowing how to swim n in this fun, they probably messed up themselves with our friend "VS"--we popularly used to call him,getting drowned. It was just a matter of seconds n a few minutes & the life lost its battle against ever-winning death.
Such a sad demise of our friend, who was there with us yesterday, but isn't there today really leaves us dumbstruck.I'm left with no words to describe further.
May God give peace to my loving friend"VS".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Being a Reverist....

Nowadays, everyday seems to me like a browse Net doing orkutting, searching for other interesting stuff(can't go into the intricacy) OR surfing dc for new movies, songs n lot more(which is always there to kill ur time)....
But, this Sunday was indeed something different for me.After years,I had a daydream.I could n't recall the last instance when I had it before.And as usual (which happen in case of nite dreams), this,too was interrupted by....
I dreamt of standing on the roof of a monumental,gigantic edifice with endless floors in it.The construction was beside a sea-shore n had lanes on the other side, where cars whizzed by like flies n people seemed to me like ants moving hither-thither.All of a sudden, I myself don't know I felt that I was falling from it n njoying that free-fall,too.Every floor that I passed by,I saw some or the other of my friends or the known faces over there. Each had a badge a designation in front of their table or the offices, with people queing up...They had stringent security around them.Even some smiled of them smiled back at me.I kept on falling n observing each one of them and I felt a sense of guilt in me and I donno why!!!
And finally, I reached the ground floor n I saw myself waiting outside that gigantic building to enter where I was asked the reason for my entry...I felt dumbstruck,when I saw myself being questioned by the security personnel s n I was soliciting them to allow me to enter it.Then, all of a sudden a light flashed by.......
Nd,the draperies of my room moved away b'coz of breeze making the reverist 'an oneiromancer' on a splendid,sunny Sunday afternoon....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Want n Get!

I was a bit bewildered about what title should I give to this!!
If u 'want' something, u 'get' that thing in some or the other way as Paulo Coelho says "If U want something, the whole Universe conspires help achieve U that thing."
....OR, if 'get' something it may or may not feel to u that this was thing which u 'wanted' but still u got it.Anyways,the human desires for the want can never be gratified & keeps on mounting up n up.....
Lately, we were having a discussion with our friends about love and the various manifestations of it as people says so...either be it a crush on someone, having frustu on someone, infatuation, admiration, liking n then finally, Ah!LOVE....
Whatever one may call it, I still perceive all these to be same, till now.How all of a sudden u can fall in love with someone just by the mere looks n glance of that person who petrified u at that instant n u fell for it...seems still out of the box for me.Till now, I have only come across such a person and that, too he's a friend of mine, so I may have to take his words n he told a totally different sort of feeling arouses whenever he comes across that person. But that does not signify that u fell in love with that so called 'person'.
Nyways, its still far out of reach for me to personify this thing or feeling or by whatever name u may give to it.... Let's hope for that blessed day to come for me, too!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HoLi--Hai.....comes with a HOLI-day!!

The foremost thing that comes to my mind with the utterance of the word "HOLI" is undoubtedly, "colors"...the festive day marked with a plethora of colors n the delicious puran polis, firni, ghojiya, jalebis n lots starts watering my mouth,yaar..I missed dis time all dese yummy foodstuff by being at hostel instead of being at home...but the fun n masti I had for the first time with my friends staying at hostel was ,ineed,awesome.
Everyone was painted in such a way that it was really an intricate task to search for ur friends among the wild-lively students in gleeful mood.Look out for ur friends otherwise be the "victim".Some of our friends didn't move out of their rooms in the very fear,but still they were coloured to of lower degree(I mean colored in such a way that the color comes out within few minutes) .After hours of coquetry, we returned back to our hostel.
Then, hours of grinding n rubbing, to retain back our normal appearance....What a day I had!!
Day full of masti without lunch n I tried even a sip of the so called-'Bhang'---I didn't tasted sweet as I imagined it to be.

I wish that why can't there be one more day or this one-day to be extended for a few days but then at the same time,I fear that we might lose the enthusiasm for it. Nyways,the joie de vivre of this day is such that I can't fail to appreciate the festival of colour....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Blogging???

Previously, I used to wonder why do one resort to blogging or it's an addiction for others!! This day or the other,I used to come across this person's blog-- be a celeb or someone else... brought into limelight by the media,the sites or some meaningful resources which pulls in our focus....
At that time,I used to go through some of the noted blogs and found some facts or articles,which really interested me....

After a long time, I found that it's, indeed, a good way to be in touch with oneself n outside world,too.... It may seem a way of boasting oneself or may be expressing oneself..flushing out one's thoughts as it perceives to one!!

Nyways, a nice way of killing time n squandering it in a slightly better way than doing worthless activities .. sitting up full day in front of half-duplex box!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slum Dog gets its Millionaire!!!

11 Oscar Nominations for 'Slum dog Millionaire'.....and finally 8 OSCARS to its credit!
Indeed,the much aura revolving around d movie got its accolades at the Academy Awards, too.
The world is rejoicing and so is INDIA!!

But, there's a debate going on that should we .......??
If we look at the movie,we'll find that it had 'phoren' director, producers with the movie based on the Mumbai suburbs n Indian cast.
It also featured some Indian actors,musicians,others of Indian origin.Had it been directed by an Indian director,would it have got that pricey acclaim??

Its true..that Indian musician & the sound mixer got the Oscars first time,with the former bagging two in its credit.We should definitely praise them that Indian genre is now being recognized globally and bring forward more of this sort on a global platform so that this saga does not end over here only....

Even though the movie gives a sense of hope and optimism among the lesser children s of God,it seems more a Luck by chance that happens one in a multitude of thousands.The audience should try to look at the movie from other dimensions so as to get a broader view than restricting themselves by considering as one of the "SLUM" dogs.
To look at the movie as a whole from an Indian perspective seems staggering,waise bhi the opinion rests upon us to decide finally......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2-G vs 3-G

How many of d people using cellphones know what's the technology or what r d new features being available in d new mobile dat r available in d market??
Ask them what is 3-G??

Is it 1-G,2-G, 3-G or whether there's any "G" in it??
The common-mob user doesn't even know dat there r such interesting, upgraded features in d mobile that he have recently purchased....

We have achieved a great feat with launch of 3-G technology but,compared to the 4-G's dat are being used in some of the so-called developed countries, there's lot more to surge...
So, what r dese G's in the technology?

Let me give an overview about these "G's"...
"G"--stands for Generations as per the evolution of the cellular phone technologies.
2-G stands for wireless tele-communication technology that uses digital signals for applications compared to the analog radio signals which were used in 1-G technology.2-G includes TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) & CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) .Of these GSM(Global System for Mobile) (TDMA-based), has d max no. of users.
2-G---Usage of less battery power,increase in d no. of cells in d same space,effective multiplexing, less fraud b'coz of better security algorithms,data rate of 9.6-14.4 kbps.

3-G refers to third generation wireless phone technologies, which unifies all the existing cellualar standards like TDMA, CDMA & GSM. W-CDMA(Wideband CDMA) n CDMA-2000 are the two types . 3-G---broadband services including video streaming,etc, data rate upwards 2 Mbps,...

Then, as expected 4-G is also hoped to arrive soon.In 4-G, every device is believed to have its unique IP address,i.e end to end IP based networks & data rate upto 100Mbps can. be achieved
Well, lets see when its implemented......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kiss of a Van(12/02/09)

What a chilly winter morning... the gentle zephyr giving u a feeling of d crisp n nail-biting feel.
I was waiting at d bus-stop with one or two souls strolling near-by.. minutes later d omnibus-bus turns up half-filled..i managed to find a seat beside d window n was d lone person allowing d winds to blow inside d bus with people asking me to shutdown the window....but as usual,i resisted.
The bus was moving at a good pace...then all of a sudden...............BANG!!

A van came with lightning speed n rams the bus,grazing it by its side...In d process,it seemed that I was also messed it up. As i was keeping my right hand just on the window,i rolled up my sleeves to find three groove-like structures shaped of them deeply carved.
And then, naturally blood started gushing out.. fillled up d seat..the only thing that i missed at that moment was......

A CAMERA!! a moment to capture...i missed it out!!
(i didn't have camera in my cell,so regrets...)

As usual people asked d bus to stop, i washed my wound ,tied it with a piece of cloth...then realizing the need of being doctor..nyways...Ngineer..isn't bad either!!
Took d earliest train back home without getting the injury being treated ... waise bhi you won't find doctors at dawn.
Reached home.. great reactions from th family members...Finally, the doctor tells.."stitch"--the only solution to recover faster...was let off with four at one place n one at d other...
Still...A really nice experience !!