Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slum Dog gets its Millionaire!!!

11 Oscar Nominations for 'Slum dog Millionaire'.....and finally 8 OSCARS to its credit!
Indeed,the much aura revolving around d movie got its accolades at the Academy Awards, too.
The world is rejoicing and so is INDIA!!

But, there's a debate going on that should we .......??
If we look at the movie,we'll find that it had 'phoren' director, producers with the movie based on the Mumbai suburbs n Indian cast.
It also featured some Indian actors,musicians,others of Indian origin.Had it been directed by an Indian director,would it have got that pricey acclaim??

Its true..that Indian musician & the sound mixer got the Oscars first time,with the former bagging two in its credit.We should definitely praise them that Indian genre is now being recognized globally and bring forward more of this sort on a global platform so that this saga does not end over here only....

Even though the movie gives a sense of hope and optimism among the lesser children s of God,it seems more a Luck by chance that happens one in a multitude of thousands.The audience should try to look at the movie from other dimensions so as to get a broader view than restricting themselves by considering as one of the "SLUM" dogs.
To look at the movie as a whole from an Indian perspective seems staggering,waise bhi the opinion rests upon us to decide finally......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2-G vs 3-G

How many of d people using cellphones know what's the technology or what r d new features being available in d new mobile dat r available in d market??
Ask them what is 3-G??

Is it 1-G,2-G, 3-G or whether there's any "G" in it??
The common-mob user doesn't even know dat there r such interesting, upgraded features in d mobile that he have recently purchased....

We have achieved a great feat with launch of 3-G technology but,compared to the 4-G's dat are being used in some of the so-called developed countries, there's lot more to surge...
So, what r dese G's in the technology?

Let me give an overview about these "G's"...
"G"--stands for Generations as per the evolution of the cellular phone technologies.
2-G stands for wireless tele-communication technology that uses digital signals for applications compared to the analog radio signals which were used in 1-G technology.2-G includes TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) & CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) .Of these GSM(Global System for Mobile) (TDMA-based), has d max no. of users.
2-G---Usage of less battery power,increase in d no. of cells in d same space,effective multiplexing, less fraud b'coz of better security algorithms,data rate of 9.6-14.4 kbps.

3-G refers to third generation wireless phone technologies, which unifies all the existing cellualar standards like TDMA, CDMA & GSM. W-CDMA(Wideband CDMA) n CDMA-2000 are the two types . 3-G---broadband services including video streaming,etc, data rate upwards 2 Mbps,...

Then, as expected 4-G is also hoped to arrive soon.In 4-G, every device is believed to have its unique IP address,i.e end to end IP based networks & data rate upto 100Mbps can. be achieved
Well, lets see when its implemented......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kiss of a Van(12/02/09)

What a chilly winter morning... the gentle zephyr giving u a feeling of d crisp n nail-biting feel.
I was waiting at d bus-stop with one or two souls strolling near-by.. minutes later d omnibus-bus turns up half-filled..i managed to find a seat beside d window n was d lone person allowing d winds to blow inside d bus with people asking me to shutdown the window....but as usual,i resisted.
The bus was moving at a good pace...then all of a sudden...............BANG!!

A van came with lightning speed n rams the bus,grazing it by its side...In d process,it seemed that I was also messed it up. As i was keeping my right hand just on the window,i rolled up my sleeves to find three groove-like structures shaped of them deeply carved.
And then, naturally blood started gushing out.. fillled up d seat..the only thing that i missed at that moment was......

A CAMERA!! a moment to capture...i missed it out!!
(i didn't have camera in my cell,so regrets...)

As usual people asked d bus to stop, i washed my wound ,tied it with a piece of cloth...then realizing the need of being doctor..nyways...Ngineer..isn't bad either!!
Took d earliest train back home without getting the injury being treated ... waise bhi you won't find doctors at dawn.
Reached home.. great reactions from th family members...Finally, the doctor tells.."stitch"--the only solution to recover faster...was let off with four at one place n one at d other...
Still...A really nice experience !!