Saturday, April 25, 2009


What an ice-cream to have...really yummy!! This time our wingie--friends decided to go to CCD after dinner.We,five of them,just felt like going out,so we went to Ginger's CCD.
As usual cold coffee wasn't be too missed outat CCD,so I n Hardik,ordered it---named 'Cold sparkle'( Cold coffee n sparkling... hehe,so contradictory na). Bishu went for chocolate ice-cream (uska mood nahi tha,bt still )....Rohit n Sayan decided to share sizzling was sizzling in terms of appearance only.....what I felt like. They also ordered cool blue n choco latte.... flavorful shakes.
And den, many it could have been possible. We took a number of snaps...Later, dese will turn out to be memories together n forever:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Down in d mouth!!

Why Everything That begins should end,
why everytime U have to pretend
why again n again u leave n transcend!
Why the one U like can't be with U!
why d world z being so ingrateful to u,
& why everytime it's being U n U only!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer Of 09(19th April)!!!

With exams in the process,one can't think apart from studies in their mind.But, we dare to be different!
Set out from the hostel for puja in the department,we had a great,memorable n unxpected afternoon. It started out at the department with the B'day boy-Vinod giving a mini-sort of treat in the form of cane juice to every dept. fellow.There were poses with canes,glasses at the jhoops.
Then came the turn of IIM grad,when he was asked to give treat n so he obliged.Thanks to the geek 4 his treat!!
In the scorching afternoon,we went 2 DI(i don't remember the last time when I went to that restaurant).At DI,everyone entering gave twice a thought of sitting over there b'coz of the live performance of dissilient singers over there.With songs dedicated to everyone(even pairs weren't spared),we had fun until we finally came out.
Outside DI,after lot of persuasion our great singer-Poka,which we call him,sang a song from the movie--Raju Chacha. Then we moved on to the nearby mall called Suhata over there....jst sitting n moving over dere.
At the Gandhimore,it was the turn of the fedora guy-BRC n the gate phodu--Suraj to allow us to relish on nimbu pani or mango shake,whichever u choose.Filled upto the throat level,we still discussed about who's going to be the next scapegoat.And then it was the camera man--Kochi who asked us to finally pose in front of the college gate(with stare of everypasser-by).

Well, what a fun-loving afternoon we had.With college coming to an end n outings with exams at its peak, I think we're going to have a nice April ahead.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Fine Morning!!

With how many of you'll it have happened that u wake up in the morning n u r still in the hypnopompic state trying to figure that another day has begun & ur friend in the next room says,"Hey..listen..I've made into IIM-L,IIM- B didnt clicked(he told previously that his interview over there wasn't gud) n the rest are expected 2day"!!
What will be your reaction?....Ur eyes lit up,obviously n all of a sudden everything seems so snappy around U.
That's what happened to me 2day when I woke up at a fine morning after a disastrous day the day before.I saw Bishu strolling around in the verandah n then Rohit called me. He said that in IIM-L as expected n IIM-C also included this adept in their list of short-listed students.Also, in IIM-I he's there in the waiting list,but why to bother.

And the other institutes didn't wanted this brilliant fellow in their list,that's why I always used to wonder one tag which I read somewhere n it goes like this,
'People get what they deserve or they deserve what they get'.
Whatever it may be ,for now he deserves those accolades.... Hat's off to the brainy geek!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


At this time of my college,hardly ten days to go for the end sems, but I can assure U that u won't find more than half of the college gearing up for their exams,esp. for this 3-4 days. The festal occasion that's going includes some of latest star bands visiting our college.These include Kunal Ganjawala (Doesn't it instantly reminds one of Bheege Hont tere...),Bhumi band(anyone staying in Bengal must be aware of this famous band), Metal Force One(well, it might sound some phoren in its name n people with slight G>K taste must be aware of this) n finally its the Dhoom pichak dhoom or Maaeri.....yaad toh aa hi gaya hoga,obviously "Euphoria"!!!
After reading these, one can surely guess that how one can study at this fanatic time n for the final yrs,well I just can't describe....its like a day deciding what to do in the evenings rather than deciding what to study!!!
Well, let me have the joy of the moment,too.....fir pata nahi KaL Ho Na Ho!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time to Bid Adieu!!

We Loved "Him"
we admired him n we worshiped him
we adored him in our worst times
He shared the best times with us..
The memories we'll cherish
the fantasies to relish
the dreamz to accomplish
But, now we're feeling feverish
To leave "Him" n say sayonara
Will seem like vagabondish,

But,we have to...
For this is Life..we have to move ON!!
And one thing is for sure,
we'll remember him for all the good n bad times we had
writing this gives me a sense of jitter,
We have to MOVE on!!!

You must wondering with whom these people are in such deep love that they are attached to.
Its my "College-NIT Dgp" ,the duration over which the affection have grown a lot for each other.But,now the time is coming to bid farewell to it and move on.....