Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Vacation Continues....

Hey guys, so I'm back after a big break of more than half a year.Well,to describe how this year have fared for me ...Definitely,bad or I'll say chalta hain..(only the sis's marriage,I'll say was a learing phase wid loads of xperience )wid the max time staying in one's room be it at hostel or at home...joining got deferred..from Oct..n it contd...Lets c..kab aata hain!!
Agar is mein bhi postive dekhte hain...toh I'll say..jaroor Bhagwan hamare liye kuch achha socha hain,dats joining is getting delayed bcz sumthng better than this is being waiting for kuch bhi ho,Dil ko tasili toh deni hogi na...yahi sahin!!
In the past few months,my mind or rather I'll say myself(It's me who controls my mind nt viceversa), kept on wavering between a lot of bored,frustated, the end...those things themselves got depressed n bored out.One time,I thought of starting a business,bt had to drop dat idea as didnt had much info abt dat domain,thot of preparing for my interests held me as I never wanted it anytime and then it was GMAT..,which too got ruled out bcz of finances...finally,it boiled to one thing..dats do a job or search for a job of my interest,currently and then do an MBA from a top institute...that seemed realistically possible.
JOB ki search jaari hain....will keep posting!!