Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can 'U' spell out your name Plzzz?

There came the Dimple in her enamoring grace,
She was standing in a queue encircled by her pals,
I thought Should I go or wait for some day,
But my friends told to go & make it 'The day',
Hesitantly,i took a step ahead
Ruminating what I'll ask or what she'll tell,
And finally,I murmured to inquire her name!
She replied somehow but her awe was such I just couldn't decipher,
Again I solicited to repeat her name,
But I just couldn't make out and decrypt what she uttered,
Stupidly,i bespoke,'Can you spell out your name, Please?',
Finally,I comprehended what she said,
And in turn I complimented for her pleasing smile,
She gave a smirk and hastily past by,
But thereafter,her mellifluous name was reverberating in my ears!
For Dimple's name seems like of some celestial starlet :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen" - Quote

Imagine how would our world be like if we had known everyone around us right from our birth - A child(named Sam) goes for first day in his new school(say in Class VII) and there he meets his teacher for the very first time and he says,

Sam : Morning,Miss Suezy!
Miss Suezy: (smiling)Good Morning,Sam! Isn't it good for u?
Sam : Noooh,Mam :(
Miss Suezy: Seems u are not well,son or ur mom still gives u thrashing as she has been giving since childhood?
Sam : No,I guess Uncle Gran(Suez's husband) has been good to u till now! Hope one day,he'll make u realize how it is being 'good' everyday!
Miss Suezy : (scolding)Is this the way to talk to ur teachers,behave properly Sam!
Go to ur classroom,I'll see ur there.
Sam :Sorry,Miss Suezy!
(In the classroom,he meets the guys for the first time)
Sam :Hey Paul,still busy studying..grow up Man!
Paul :U carry on with ur business,again u have been thrown from that school,also..
U don't deserve to be here either! ...
(And it goes on..)

Strange na,seems so funny if strangers knew each other outright from the first day!
But,this doesn't happen in out real life compared to reel imaginations.
When we go to college ,there we meet new people for the first time.People whom we don't know,people from various parts of a nation,people who are complete strangers.
But,at the end of the four years,we realize that they are those people rather strangers with whom we have shared such unfathomable bond in these years that we yearn for them throughout our life. Similarly,as we move along,we meet new people,then become acquaintances and progress along...
And finally,some become friends or may not be...or May be!
Well,human beings are social creatures..they always like being surrounded by people.People in office whom u gradually come to know,people with whom u stay,people with whom u freak out and people with whom u love to hang out & spend time with.. but among these people,how many of them know u really well or rather whom do u call ur friends among them.Just for the fact that u talk with them doesn't necessarily imply that they are ur friends or may be they are, as u think or may be,u could have a few chosen ones among them,who knows u,can read u and tell when ur mood is ecstatic/sombre/... whatever it depends!
Who was once a stranger may be now, is ur friend & who is now a stranger can be ur friend,u never know! And a saying goes like this,"Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you." Just u don't close the gates for friendship,u never know who turns out to be ur very good friend!

Friends are such valuable assets in our life,that without them,life would have been a perfect bore...I guess,I can't define what 'bore' would have meant,then! Thank God,they are there,otherwise...uff,i just can't imagine!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Novembre -inspirer, transpirer et il va conspirer!

It's November again and my heart has started pounding at a rate that's quite strange this time as it's not gonna be my first time,but still it does.I guess there's something special for it...u never know!
It all started from college days,16th Nov,2008,how can I forget that crucifying day.As people say,I was a failure before the results were declared itself because I lost before the race even began. Again,came November 2009 but the change in mode from paper to technology gave a month's time.I chose the last day-7th Dec,2009 to acclimatise myself in that very mode and have a preconceived idea about it.As usual,it was not good.But it was much better compared to that initially,I thought of giving the exam a miss as I was not in touch with books for at least 3 weeks. Nevertheless,as I say,u should always expect the unexpected,so it happened.I got a moderate score which fetched at least an IIM-Raipur call.But,my blatant and over-zealous attitude made it a total disaster.I responded very badly in the interview and so I am here appearing for the third and hopefully,the final one.
What can be better than giving it on Chacha Nehru's B'day - nice way of celebrating children's day!!The D-Day ---14th Nov,2010 is no less than an auspicious occasion for me.It heralds for a new beginning with the official one being adjudged in mid-Jan,2011.I just need to inspire myself in these days and perspire & transpire as much as I can for I need to make the days count rather than counting the days so that finally,the Universe conspires against me for A New remarkable beginning..And then,really a New Start awaits for me in the New Year for a New Day..U never know,as I say,'Picture abhi baki hain mere yaar!' :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life in an Imbroglio - Who said 'V' stands only for Victory!

It's been more than five months since i last wrote over here. It all started on a promising note from training to getting posted. But after that, since the past two months, it seems that the world around me is in disarray. Nothing seems to be moving at my pace or rather I am too slow to catch up with the pace. I don't know..I'm really flummoxed.
Sailing in the amidst of this vast ocean, we search for shore but when it appears ,we find that it was just a mirage.I guess, we are such type of creatures of this species that first we discover a problem for ourselves & then spend our time searching for all the plausible solutions.Sounds strange and funny, but it's true!
It's like digging your own grave and then bury yourself in it. I being one of them did the same for myself.Be it career,sports or the one whom i liked.I always have a fascination for girls with the initials either 'V' or 'S' and 'B',too. But i never had the courage to say it upon their face. This time,too it was similar. I started building castles in the air,dreaming about them and ended up just being a dreamer. A wool-gatherer, who just dreamt and never planned of executing his thoughts or giving a proper direction to it.I have really fallen in the dimple-pit of that someone and just the flash of her dimple-smile rejuvenates me. People say "All will be well", this..or that,but quotes are just meant to pacify yourself,it never gives a lasting solution. To come out of that dimple-pit,which has left such an indelible impression on my mind, it is only the mental courage that can endure.Whenever I think of her, I am reminded of the poem which everyone would have studied in their school days..my version of it goes like this -

Dimple dimple little star,
Oh I wonder where you are!
Up around the world is wide,
I just wish 'U' be somewhere around my side!!!

Ahh..Wish wishes someday will come true for me as well as it happen for others. And as Paulo Coelho says,"When you really want something,the whole world conspires in helping you achieve that something". I hope that the universe is conspiring against me as well and then indeed,"V" will symbolize only for Victory:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Developers do add to the development of Developing Nations!

"Developers"--have you ever given a thought to it,who these people are? Basically,these are the people who are responsible for the cumulative growth of any nation be it a Developing or a Developed one!These people distribute themselves among various sectors be it Real Estate,Education,... to IT sector and others.

Actually,the term "Developer" is a misnomer.Developer doesn't explicitly categorize itself but one who contributes in the advancement of anything,that counts progressively, can be considered as a developer,regardless of whatever they are being tagged.Truly speaking,it's in the hands of these developers who have nurtured and honed their craftsmanship leading to the improvement of that specific part or sector,thus the furtherance of the land,too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Predict"an ability!

Have we ever thought what could be the significance of the word "Predictability" in our lives?..I'll say its Monumental! Since the birth of the Universe,human beings have tried to find ways n means to discover,what could be the denouement of such thing or proposition and they always arrive at a conclusion based on the preceding experiments or the experiences they have dealt with and there comes the need to make a guess what will happen the next--"PREDICT"!

If we can anticipate n foretell the outcome of any forthcoming occurrence,then we can tell that we have mastered the very thing that governs everything or rather I'll say,the event is going to lose its importance if it does not yield favorable results,if it can be predicted.With predictability,there goes a word which most of the times helps us to determine n gauge the exactness of the situation or the event and that is--"PROBABILITY"! Probability helps in deciding the practicality of a condition n what can be the possibilities of that condition,thus helping us in arriving at the predictability of that particular state,which in itself is an ability of an rare individual.

I was in the nine standard that i first came across this word and since then,it have been hovering around my brain,till age.I have never been able to link up this concept,but like pop-ups,it itself comes concatenated with most of the situations n conditions.U make a probable guess at any competitive exam and you are through,thus you are able to predict well...therein lies your ability!Well,most of the puzzling theories and applications would have boiled down to simplified ones, had we gained better insight into it!
It's good that it's still in the process as it props up the other substances n subjects,thus keeping various issues alive and intermingled with each other.
Surely, one always looks for Certainty despite of being in an unpredictable state!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Its a New Day...New start!!!

Are you trained in this or undergoing a training at this? 'Training'--what's the one thing that prompts you when this word falls on your ears...I'll say that I have just completed my training this week but started another one,even though it's not training! It's like you keep on getting trained, mastering your skills at something and trying to achieve perfection at the other things, but there's something or the other,where it seems that you are just a tyro or a naive...Everyday,we have to begin with the things afresh with delegates being called to fetch the data(thoughts or whatever you can say) from your RAM(the percent of the memory which we use)!

A New Day begins by instantiating all the event-handlers that are required to be referenced and keeps on calling the delegates as the day proceeds.Sometimes you may feel like you keep on doing the same monotonous tasks everyday..waking up,having breakfast,catching bus,reaching office n then...Actually,you didn't call the Main method of the day until you reach the office as here begins the fight for the day to complete the tasks or rather I'll say,you do what you feels like to be executed and carried out on that particular day!The rest are just the abstract methods which you keep on overriding or overloading as per your limits and time-span.Just you have to remember that Everyday is a New Day with different hopes and conditions applied!:)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tested n Verified method!

"eEXxaMms"---I was trying to recollect when i started using this word or i came across it..may be it automatically comes loaded as a 'default' word in our brainy-brain.Just wid d passage of time,the meaning of the word gets overridden.I guess that's one of the words which would be abhorred by most of d people from d fun-lovers to d geeky ones."Exams"--this have been believed as d most tried n trusted method n it's still used as d most competent design..be it any genre or any field...of any age,to prove one credentials,dats looked upon as one of d most effective way...U score more ..u're looked as if..."VOW"..even words may fall short to xpress d emotion!(:P)

Recently,i hav to appear for a xam based on d learning which we have accumulated in d past five weeks...most often,ppl devour wats dere in d course n at d opportune time, they vomit!...dat happened in our case,too as most of d questions dat appeared were known,bt who cares!...All's well dat ends well!..wat ppl will say n wat most of dem xpects!!Bt if d results r found not upto d mark,d cowards(esp.mentally weak ones), which go for d most easiest path--suicide... Ahh!at last escaped!!!But,dats rarely to be heard where i work as Pass ho ya Fail...kya farak padta hain as United We Stand n United We Fall!!(i guess!)

Well,d most TESTED n efficient way to evaluate one n dat VERIFIES oneself still suffers from lot of flaws dat needs to looked into..oderwise d consequences r bound to displayed in sum of d oder forms.. "Console.WriteLine("Exams...not again ya.. timepass")"; borne by us!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

iii ammm ..."SORRY"!!

"Sorry",Ahh...I was thinking when was the first time I used this word,but our memory doesn't have "delegates" or "pointers" dat can retrieve the info..wish we Had!!And when was the last time i used it,obviously,it's y'day...i guess it's used daily by most of dem--u step onto sumone shoes--say "Soorry",u drop a glass of water on sumone--"i'm very sorry",u r hit by sumone's car n u dnt get injured--"sorry,i was in a hurry",sumbody gves u big push while boarding--"sorry",wid a smile on face n in most of d cases if d doer turns out to be of d opposite gender--one usually hav d tendency.."it's alrite" or "chalta hain" or "u return wid a typical smile on ur face showing neither dissent nor happiness" or dere r so many of dem,i guess dat i may not have across.

Any error,be it's small,big,fatal or any of d types,can be covered up by saying such a small word wid slight lip movement---"soooorryyyy"!...sumtyms,i do wonder,whether one should limit d usage of dis word or upto wat xtent one should use dis word,but of course dats d thing only to be wondered,it's scope obviously keeps on increasing day by day.Hope I do not get commit any fault of large magnitude n escape by saying dis small word----"I am SORRY"!:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

MaunDay to FryDay---Job@Life!

Well, another week addded to d chapter of Bangalore..bt not much to tell about this week.A week that starts wid d glimmering hope to learn,njoy n b vigilant n ends in an usual,monotonous way..dats what JOB Life is all about!
I have caught wid peculiar habit of being linking up everything in which i'm involved being it studies,job or anything.Lately,my mind is stuck wid my IT life n its course's contents!!!
Starting from 'Maun'day,u rush to catch up wid time,looking at d ppl around u,start d week afresh wid no {queries or subqueries}, come back assuring urself dat nxt day will b better n d chain of {event-driven} thought process continues until u r bored not to call any delegate{function-pointer} for d thot driven-events to continue...

Job lyf adds various dimensions to one's thought processes---from being professional to a social IT-worker.Evryday while travelling in d bus{database},one tries to catch wid one's eye bt of no use as its not {RDBMS} bt a normal {Database} so d individual{tables} cannot b linked wid each oder.The function {wrkplace} for an individual is called everyday until d {session} gets expired after 5 days.In d process of calling d function{workplace},the daily schedule has to go thru d Main method{home@stay},which if oderwise not called mite lead to overrriden methods n differnt return types,which is reflected d very nxt day in change of timings. Everyday,upon execution of d day, the individuals return different return-types(method overloading has to take place to survive in dis "IT-mouse race" oderwse u mite get overriden).Gradually,wats not learnt during d weekdays is thrown in d {catch} block of d weekend to {finally} catch up wid d pace or else show an {Exception} at d tym of evaluation.Nyways,my mind seems to be puzzled n drained thinking more on dese {types} rather dan to spent my thoughts on how to make use of my tym on njying @dis weekend so as continue from being 'maun' until getting 'fri'd!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's LOVE?

Sitting in d bounded walls of my rum on a Sunday afternoon,I was wondering why do people fall in such a state called "LOVE"!People tell i am completely mad about dat girl or dat guy..bt i am still to unearth about wat actually do they mean!
This word brings to my mind of a Kabir doha which i studied in my school days--
Akaath Kahani Prem Ki,Kutch Kahi Na Jaye
Goonge Keri Sarkara,Baithe Muskuraye||

These mean dat Love is such an Inexpressible feeling that words fall short to explain it.The feeling is similar to a dumb having a sweetmeat n not being able to xplain it's sweetness.Such is the Effect of this feeling called "LOVE"...hmmm,still an unxplored teritory for me.
Frnds arnd me tell dat I 'like' dat gal or i am in 'love' wid dat creature of d human species or dey are jst in 'infatuation' wid dat so called creature.Going by d literal meanings of these terms..wat's Love,Like or Infatuation.These terms have such coherence between them dat all sort of adjectives ranging from feelings to attachment can be beautifully described by this four letter word.I really wonder wat can be d symptoms of this "L"---The tender care for each other,the concern,the emotional bonding,the joy of being together,the mental satisfaction,the connectivity between the individuals or the desire n passion for each other.

Going by curious nature of mine,if i assume that two creatures are in Love,then they are in wat type of LOVE?--Either in d Limerence state or just d bonding between them.So,confusing!! It's not dat i suffer from philophobia or any other 'phobia..My frnds usually tell dat one has to be into sumthing to xperienc dat very thing..to which i disagree as one does not have to go through a bad phase or commit some suicidal activities to know wat actually one needs to do beforehand.It's like just like asking someone to jump into a well to know its depth.
Nyways,whatever be it,whether its' Love,Like or Crush...one definitely needs a gud friend or companion by one's side.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Galfriend/Boyfriend --- A social custom!

It's not more than a fortnight than I have been to this city,but i felt i ought to write this now rather than wait for months and then give a new dimension to it.
The very thing dat reminds me of this "custom" is one of the questionS asked to me by one of the companies,which came to our campus,OBVIOUSLY for recruitment.After offering an seat,the first question put forward to me was 'how many galfriends do u have?'...to which i replied,pardon sir,'galfrnd?'...yes..the employer tried his adeptness by breaking d word n saying..yaa..a gal who's ur frnd or wat is meaning of 'galfrnd'...to which said something n in return he gave a cunning smile to me.That was the very day,i thot of this so much..galfrnd..so much relevant..even companies do need to ask for this n keep d info..may be dey r interested sayad meri 'gf' koi celeb ho..heh!!

Our modern society seems to be undergoing a great change in these regards.Even a kid can explain u n say what is a galfriend or boyfriend.While walking down d lane,if one sees any gud-looking gal or girl wid any such sort of uff factor...u can bound to be sure dat dey come wid a default constructor--"boyfriend".If by fate,u got a chance n u ask dem,do u hav a boyfriend?..to which dey'll stare at u as if how dare u to ask her? (U may b wondering y do u need to ask her,bt if by chance!) It may seem as if have u spoken in any other language!!!Thank God! these default constructors r not automatically called otherwise if their boyfrnd existed or was them then and there,they would have made mincemeat out of ur's.Well,dats d innocence of these modern day gals!!
Well,these upcomings r considered to be part of the modern social ladder these days and it may happen in d coming days,a person may be looked doen upon as 'Such a person!' or wat,i don't no..if he/she don't have galfrnd/boyfrnd(s).Thanks to God,,,at least,i won't be there in dat age to experience dat obvious!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From "Green City" to "IT city"...

Well,the odd fifty days that I spended at trivandrum are unforgettable.Really,life at tvm in ILP @tvm17 will be etched in my memory for years to come.It seemed to me dat i was reminiscing all the tym dat i had in my college days...it was great fun n learinng too.The best part of it was the weekends@masti!!
ILP@tvm-17 taught me one of the very thing which i really hated-"Coding" or rather I'll say my interest in programming..grt one,indeed!WE,as been inducted(teamwork) spend max. of our together.From RC-69(uff!) to having dinner n den getting dressed up for offce was all dat we did all along.The time dat we had in cinnamon,sumtyms playing mindworks or sumtyms choosing proper seats for gud aerial view(Uncle Scrooge being the focussed one) or going to washrums to discuss critical issues or standing at d proper elevation for better scope or going to canteen for refilling as our secondary objectives n havin a luk at d campuse from d canteen at d passers-by...was just really awesome...dese memories will linger!
Now,life seems to be changed..our group has been dispersed..hmmm,akele hi aaya tha,akele hi jana hain...bt group mein rehna.I hav shifted to the India's third most populous urban conglomerate..it's gud,bt till now trivandrum seemed to have been better...may b after few weeks,my opinion may be on oder side.It's a big city wid global companies all around and gud transport services n roads such dat far distant places seems to be closer.The buses r numbered such dat one(not knowing english) may learn d alphabets while travelling.Till now,i have been to a couple of malls n few places and what i find is dat people here really love working hard n partying much harder.Whether it's true or not,i hav to be in d process to verify n validate it!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

AutoBiografy of "My Brain"!!

What an irony! the "brain" of mine has to think what to write for itself...sounds pretty awkward,bt datz wat z all abt.Words may fall short to describe it completely or rather I'll say dat I'm too naive to throw much light or give a detailed analysis about what it z all about.

Sometimes I wonder the complexities of human mind.Thinking digitally,what r its components,how does it function on d initation of a particular state or rather I'll say how does it process each of the subprocesses and how does it tend to know dat it has to respond in dat particular way---amazing,I also really marvel!

Weighing not more than one n a half kilograms,the Human mind is one of the most complicated human-part consisting of the most d delicate & convoluted subparts.It has such ability,which i feel dat humans r still unaware of or may be known to finite ones.If one can really discover d true potential of d brain,i believe one can master anything,be it in any domain or sphere.
I feel dat there is no better shock-absorber dan our small mind or d "neck-top"(sounds similar like palm-top or laptop as one of our LE says..heh!).Sometimes I feel dat "Human mind" can be easily tamed.U keep on saying to urself dat U r d best n it turns out to be true after a period of time.So,isn't it,a 'tamed brain'!
When u get frustated,bored or angry with urself or someone,what u do? Either u give a vent 2 ur feelings or allow d lava inside d tiny volcano 2 b heated up n xploded at a later instant of time either at someone or sumbody.Hav u ever given a thot how dese processes are actuated or do one actually allow d motions to be xpressed in dat specific way.Also how does it imagine dat one is actually imagining n not seeing or perceiving it in actuality,when one is a fantasy state.How weird!!
The most surprising fact of "my brain",which i like is dat how does it tend to know where my interest lies.Whether I like dat to read on dat subject or to hav a passion on a specific topic or to segregate the arraylist of gals to a chosen
ones or rather to an integer are really some of d difficult tasks.Nevertheless,it manages to keep an uphold n give a clear insight of what one likes
or what suits me.
"My brain" has an answer for every question of whatever type put forward by me..So intelligent & level-headed...
....has to be its "My Brain"!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

"My First Salary"--what to do wid it?

I was wondering what should I do with my first pay cheque or rather the booty credited to mu account.Ahh!!, what a feeling.
It's been more than a month at Green city,so we,friendz planned a trip to one of the promising tourist spot-Munnar Hill station,
which is one of "The most beautiful place" to watch out for. That was what we thought of spending with our "first salary".
But,I'll say that was second thought with the first one-allocating green notes in the name of God...thot of starting wid
sumthing,which will be worth remembering.Then the Munnar trip---
We had 2 day trip.It all began with the packing of bags with winter garments n We stuffed our bags wid jackets,muffler n many
oders as we thot it would be pretty cold overe dere.But to surprise it was just d opposite.On reaching to the place,it seemed that
we didn't do our homework pretty well. Nyways,we stayed a place,which was seven n a half kms from Munnar.From there only,one can
feel what a place!!(on a positive note)

The view from the gallery or rather the verandah,which we generally use,was just bonnie.A place on earth with such beautiful
landscapes n tea gardens all around with curvy roads bordering it.The tall trees lining up around the tea-plantations n the mammoth
stones seemed like as if somebody hav dislodged them from their positions n kept dem overe dere.
We went to the Mennuputty dam,the Periyar dam & lake n to the Bird sanctuary,too.The serene water on one side of the
dam n the gushing intensity of the water on the other was well-regulated.We had great fun at the Periyar lake where one can xperience
the water undercurrents n den sleeping.singing n moving all along the back to TvM in the Suresh Travels bus.
A wonderful trip worth remembering for to one of the India's finest place!!
But that was jsut a part what i did with my "first salary". I had prepared a arraylist of things to be brought for n the rest will
disappear like that unless I make some serious effort as I hav to watch out for the daily necessities.So.really hav to bother saving
up cash,too as I don't want to wound up d month by borrowing from my frndz,which generally the young ppl do with their hard-earned
cash--Work hard n party harder!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In the "Green City" --the land of Kera..

In the midst of uncertainities,finally TCS called us...and now,it's been more than 2 weeks since we have been in one of the India's tourist hot-spot destination--Trivandrum.
Wat's the first thing that comes to ur mind of the city!!
Commn--99%literacy,must be an amazing city,na! Indeed,it is..
The city boasts of its beaches,backwaters,hillstation and of course,its greener side.
To describe my experience till now,I really found difficult to adjust with the food habits and the work-habits of TCS.But,gradually i got used to it and now,I really find it challenging to compete with it.Sometimes,I wonder that was this that I deserved or waited for Or may be "Everything happens for a reason" soch kar taal doon!!
Well,that's LIfe is all about!!Dare to bare...Move on!!
On the jolly side,I have been to Kovalam and Varkalam beaches & i must say that I have never been to such wonderful-"scenic" beaches till now..sayad aage isse achha kuch dekhne ko miley,u never know!!There are lot more waiting for me to b explored...be it in any domain..
Really,"ExperincinG CertainitY"@TCS...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


किसका इंतज़ार हैं तुम्हे, क्या क़भी सोचा हैं तुमनें 
आख़िर कौन हैं वोह, आख़िर कहाँ से आयेगी वोह 
कैसे दिखती होगी वोह, कैसे मुसकराती होगी वोह 
सोंच के बस यहीं लगता हैं, कहीं तोह बनी होगी वोह 

ना तोह पता हैं नाम उसका, ना तोह उसके घर के पता
ना तोह मैं जानता हूँ उसे, ना ही मिला हूँ उससे 
बस इतना पता हैं मुझे, कहीं तोह बनी होगी वोह
बस मेरे ही लिए, मेरी RAMONA

Kaho na, Meri Ramona!