Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In the "Green City" --the land of Kera..

In the midst of uncertainities,finally TCS called us...and now,it's been more than 2 weeks since we have been in one of the India's tourist hot-spot destination--Trivandrum.
Wat's the first thing that comes to ur mind of the city!!
Commn--99%literacy,must be an amazing city,na! Indeed,it is..
The city boasts of its beaches,backwaters,hillstation and of course,its greener side.
To describe my experience till now,I really found difficult to adjust with the food habits and the work-habits of TCS.But,gradually i got used to it and now,I really find it challenging to compete with it.Sometimes,I wonder that was this that I deserved or waited for Or may be "Everything happens for a reason" soch kar taal doon!!
Well,that's LIfe is all about!!Dare to bare...Move on!!
On the jolly side,I have been to Kovalam and Varkalam beaches & i must say that I have never been to such wonderful-"scenic" beaches till now..sayad aage isse achha kuch dekhne ko miley,u never know!!There are lot more waiting for me to b explored...be it in any domain..
Really,"ExperincinG CertainitY"@TCS...