Saturday, April 24, 2010

iii ammm ..."SORRY"!!

"Sorry",Ahh...I was thinking when was the first time I used this word,but our memory doesn't have "delegates" or "pointers" dat can retrieve the info..wish we Had!!And when was the last time i used it,obviously,it's y'day...i guess it's used daily by most of dem--u step onto sumone shoes--say "Soorry",u drop a glass of water on sumone--"i'm very sorry",u r hit by sumone's car n u dnt get injured--"sorry,i was in a hurry",sumbody gves u big push while boarding--"sorry",wid a smile on face n in most of d cases if d doer turns out to be of d opposite gender--one usually hav d tendency.."it's alrite" or "chalta hain" or "u return wid a typical smile on ur face showing neither dissent nor happiness" or dere r so many of dem,i guess dat i may not have across.

Any error,be it's small,big,fatal or any of d types,can be covered up by saying such a small word wid slight lip movement---"soooorryyyy"!...sumtyms,i do wonder,whether one should limit d usage of dis word or upto wat xtent one should use dis word,but of course dats d thing only to be wondered,it's scope obviously keeps on increasing day by day.Hope I do not get commit any fault of large magnitude n escape by saying dis small word----"I am SORRY"!:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

MaunDay to FryDay---Job@Life!

Well, another week addded to d chapter of not much to tell about this week.A week that starts wid d glimmering hope to learn,njoy n b vigilant n ends in an usual,monotonous way..dats what JOB Life is all about!
I have caught wid peculiar habit of being linking up everything in which i'm involved being it studies,job or anything.Lately,my mind is stuck wid my IT life n its course's contents!!!
Starting from 'Maun'day,u rush to catch up wid time,looking at d ppl around u,start d week afresh wid no {queries or subqueries}, come back assuring urself dat nxt day will b better n d chain of {event-driven} thought process continues until u r bored not to call any delegate{function-pointer} for d thot driven-events to continue...

Job lyf adds various dimensions to one's thought processes---from being professional to a social IT-worker.Evryday while travelling in d bus{database},one tries to catch wid one's eye bt of no use as its not {RDBMS} bt a normal {Database} so d individual{tables} cannot b linked wid each oder.The function {wrkplace} for an individual is called everyday until d {session} gets expired after 5 days.In d process of calling d function{workplace},the daily schedule has to go thru d Main method{home@stay},which if oderwise not called mite lead to overrriden methods n differnt return types,which is reflected d very nxt day in change of timings. Everyday,upon execution of d day, the individuals return different return-types(method overloading has to take place to survive in dis "IT-mouse race" oderwse u mite get overriden).Gradually,wats not learnt during d weekdays is thrown in d {catch} block of d weekend to {finally} catch up wid d pace or else show an {Exception} at d tym of evaluation.Nyways,my mind seems to be puzzled n drained thinking more on dese {types} rather dan to spent my thoughts on how to make use of my tym on njying @dis weekend so as continue from being 'maun' until getting 'fri'd!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's LOVE?

Sitting in d bounded walls of my rum on a Sunday afternoon,I was wondering why do people fall in such a state called "LOVE"!People tell i am completely mad about dat girl or dat i am still to unearth about wat actually do they mean!
This word brings to my mind of a Kabir doha which i studied in my school days--
Akaath Kahani Prem Ki,Kutch Kahi Na Jaye
Goonge Keri Sarkara,Baithe Muskuraye||

These mean dat Love is such an Inexpressible feeling that words fall short to explain it.The feeling is similar to a dumb having a sweetmeat n not being able to xplain it's sweetness.Such is the Effect of this feeling called "LOVE"...hmmm,still an unxplored teritory for me.
Frnds arnd me tell dat I 'like' dat gal or i am in 'love' wid dat creature of d human species or dey are jst in 'infatuation' wid dat so called creature.Going by d literal meanings of these terms..wat's Love,Like or Infatuation.These terms have such coherence between them dat all sort of adjectives ranging from feelings to attachment can be beautifully described by this four letter word.I really wonder wat can be d symptoms of this "L"---The tender care for each other,the concern,the emotional bonding,the joy of being together,the mental satisfaction,the connectivity between the individuals or the desire n passion for each other.

Going by curious nature of mine,if i assume that two creatures are in Love,then they are in wat type of LOVE?--Either in d Limerence state or just d bonding between them.So,confusing!! It's not dat i suffer from philophobia or any other 'phobia..My frnds usually tell dat one has to be into sumthing to xperienc dat very which i disagree as one does not have to go through a bad phase or commit some suicidal activities to know wat actually one needs to do beforehand.It's like just like asking someone to jump into a well to know its depth.
Nyways,whatever be it,whether its' Love,Like or definitely needs a gud friend or companion by one's side.