Sunday, May 16, 2010

Its a New Day...New start!!!

Are you trained in this or undergoing a training at this? 'Training'--what's the one thing that prompts you when this word falls on your ears...I'll say that I have just completed my training this week but started another one,even though it's not training! It's like you keep on getting trained, mastering your skills at something and trying to achieve perfection at the other things, but there's something or the other,where it seems that you are just a tyro or a naive...Everyday,we have to begin with the things afresh with delegates being called to fetch the data(thoughts or whatever you can say) from your RAM(the percent of the memory which we use)!

A New Day begins by instantiating all the event-handlers that are required to be referenced and keeps on calling the delegates as the day proceeds.Sometimes you may feel like you keep on doing the same monotonous tasks everyday..waking up,having breakfast,catching bus,reaching office n then...Actually,you didn't call the Main method of the day until you reach the office as here begins the fight for the day to complete the tasks or rather I'll say,you do what you feels like to be executed and carried out on that particular day!The rest are just the abstract methods which you keep on overriding or overloading as per your limits and time-span.Just you have to remember that Everyday is a New Day with different hopes and conditions applied!:)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tested n Verified method!

"eEXxaMms"---I was trying to recollect when i started using this word or i came across it..may be it automatically comes loaded as a 'default' word in our brainy-brain.Just wid d passage of time,the meaning of the word gets overridden.I guess that's one of the words which would be abhorred by most of d people from d fun-lovers to d geeky ones."Exams"--this have been believed as d most tried n trusted method n it's still used as d most competent it any genre or any field...of any age,to prove one credentials,dats looked upon as one of d most effective way...U score more ..u're looked as if..."VOW"..even words may fall short to xpress d emotion!(:P)

Recently,i hav to appear for a xam based on d learning which we have accumulated in d past five weeks...most often,ppl devour wats dere in d course n at d opportune time, they vomit!...dat happened in our case,too as most of d questions dat appeared were known,bt who cares!...All's well dat ends well!..wat ppl will say n wat most of dem xpects!!Bt if d results r found not upto d mark,d cowards(esp.mentally weak ones), which go for d most easiest path--suicide... Ahh!at last escaped!!!But,dats rarely to be heard where i work as Pass ho ya Fail...kya farak padta hain as United We Stand n United We Fall!!(i guess!)

Well,d most TESTED n efficient way to evaluate one n dat VERIFIES oneself still suffers from lot of flaws dat needs to looked into..oderwise d consequences r bound to displayed in sum of d oder forms.. "Console.WriteLine("Exams...not again ya.. timepass")"; borne by us!