Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Predict"an ability!

Have we ever thought what could be the significance of the word "Predictability" in our lives?..I'll say its Monumental! Since the birth of the Universe,human beings have tried to find ways n means to discover,what could be the denouement of such thing or proposition and they always arrive at a conclusion based on the preceding experiments or the experiences they have dealt with and there comes the need to make a guess what will happen the next--"PREDICT"!

If we can anticipate n foretell the outcome of any forthcoming occurrence,then we can tell that we have mastered the very thing that governs everything or rather I'll say,the event is going to lose its importance if it does not yield favorable results,if it can be predicted.With predictability,there goes a word which most of the times helps us to determine n gauge the exactness of the situation or the event and that is--"PROBABILITY"! Probability helps in deciding the practicality of a condition n what can be the possibilities of that condition,thus helping us in arriving at the predictability of that particular state,which in itself is an ability of an rare individual.

I was in the nine standard that i first came across this word and since then,it have been hovering around my brain,till age.I have never been able to link up this concept,but like pop-ups,it itself comes concatenated with most of the situations n conditions.U make a probable guess at any competitive exam and you are through,thus you are able to predict well...therein lies your ability!Well,most of the puzzling theories and applications would have boiled down to simplified ones, had we gained better insight into it!
It's good that it's still in the process as it props up the other substances n subjects,thus keeping various issues alive and intermingled with each other.
Surely, one always looks for Certainty despite of being in an unpredictable state!!!