Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life in an Imbroglio - Who said 'V' stands only for Victory!

It's been more than five months since i last wrote over here. It all started on a promising note from training to getting posted. But after that, since the past two months, it seems that the world around me is in disarray. Nothing seems to be moving at my pace or rather I am too slow to catch up with the pace. I don't know..I'm really flummoxed.
Sailing in the amidst of this vast ocean, we search for shore but when it appears ,we find that it was just a mirage.I guess, we are such type of creatures of this species that first we discover a problem for ourselves & then spend our time searching for all the plausible solutions.Sounds strange and funny, but it's true!
It's like digging your own grave and then bury yourself in it. I being one of them did the same for myself.Be it career,sports or the one whom i liked.I always have a fascination for girls with the initials either 'V' or 'S' and 'B',too. But i never had the courage to say it upon their face. This time,too it was similar. I started building castles in the air,dreaming about them and ended up just being a dreamer. A wool-gatherer, who just dreamt and never planned of executing his thoughts or giving a proper direction to it.I have really fallen in the dimple-pit of that someone and just the flash of her dimple-smile rejuvenates me. People say "All will be well", this..or that,but quotes are just meant to pacify yourself,it never gives a lasting solution. To come out of that dimple-pit,which has left such an indelible impression on my mind, it is only the mental courage that can endure.Whenever I think of her, I am reminded of the poem which everyone would have studied in their school version of it goes like this -

Dimple dimple little star,
Oh I wonder where you are!
Up around the world is wide,
I just wish 'U' be somewhere around my side!!!

Ahh..Wish wishes someday will come true for me as well as it happen for others. And as Paulo Coelho says,"When you really want something,the whole world conspires in helping you achieve that something". I hope that the universe is conspiring against me as well and then indeed,"V" will symbolize only for Victory:)