Friday, November 5, 2010

"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen" - Quote

Imagine how would our world be like if we had known everyone around us right from our birth - A child(named Sam) goes for first day in his new school(say in Class VII) and there he meets his teacher for the very first time and he says,

Sam : Morning,Miss Suezy!
Miss Suezy: (smiling)Good Morning,Sam! Isn't it good for u?
Sam : Noooh,Mam :(
Miss Suezy: Seems u are not well,son or ur mom still gives u thrashing as she has been giving since childhood?
Sam : No,I guess Uncle Gran(Suez's husband) has been good to u till now! Hope one day,he'll make u realize how it is being 'good' everyday!
Miss Suezy : (scolding)Is this the way to talk to ur teachers,behave properly Sam!
Go to ur classroom,I'll see ur there.
Sam :Sorry,Miss Suezy!
(In the classroom,he meets the guys for the first time)
Sam :Hey Paul,still busy studying..grow up Man!
Paul :U carry on with ur business,again u have been thrown from that school,also..
U don't deserve to be here either! ...
(And it goes on..)

Strange na,seems so funny if strangers knew each other outright from the first day!
But,this doesn't happen in out real life compared to reel imaginations.
When we go to college ,there we meet new people for the first time.People whom we don't know,people from various parts of a nation,people who are complete strangers.
But,at the end of the four years,we realize that they are those people rather strangers with whom we have shared such unfathomable bond in these years that we yearn for them throughout our life. Similarly,as we move along,we meet new people,then become acquaintances and progress along...
And finally,some become friends or may not be...or May be!
Well,human beings are social creatures..they always like being surrounded by people.People in office whom u gradually come to know,people with whom u stay,people with whom u freak out and people with whom u love to hang out & spend time with.. but among these people,how many of them know u really well or rather whom do u call ur friends among them.Just for the fact that u talk with them doesn't necessarily imply that they are ur friends or may be they are, as u think or may be,u could have a few chosen ones among them,who knows u,can read u and tell when ur mood is ecstatic/sombre/... whatever it depends!
Who was once a stranger may be now, is ur friend & who is now a stranger can be ur friend,u never know! And a saying goes like this,"Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you." Just u don't close the gates for friendship,u never know who turns out to be ur very good friend!

Friends are such valuable assets in our life,that without them,life would have been a perfect bore...I guess,I can't define what 'bore' would have meant,then! Thank God,they are there,otherwise...uff,i just can't imagine!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Novembre -inspirer, transpirer et il va conspirer!

It's November again and my heart has started pounding at a rate that's quite strange this time as it's not gonna be my first time,but still it does.I guess there's something special for it...u never know!
It all started from college days,16th Nov,2008,how can I forget that crucifying day.As people say,I was a failure before the results were declared itself because I lost before the race even began. Again,came November 2009 but the change in mode from paper to technology gave a month's time.I chose the last day-7th Dec,2009 to acclimatise myself in that very mode and have a preconceived idea about it.As usual,it was not good.But it was much better compared to that initially,I thought of giving the exam a miss as I was not in touch with books for at least 3 weeks. Nevertheless,as I say,u should always expect the unexpected,so it happened.I got a moderate score which fetched at least an IIM-Raipur call.But,my blatant and over-zealous attitude made it a total disaster.I responded very badly in the interview and so I am here appearing for the third and hopefully,the final one.
What can be better than giving it on Chacha Nehru's B'day - nice way of celebrating children's day!!The D-Day ---14th Nov,2010 is no less than an auspicious occasion for me.It heralds for a new beginning with the official one being adjudged in mid-Jan,2011.I just need to inspire myself in these days and perspire & transpire as much as I can for I need to make the days count rather than counting the days so that finally,the Universe conspires against me for A New remarkable beginning..And then,really a New Start awaits for me in the New Year for a New Day..U never know,as I say,'Picture abhi baki hain mere yaar!' :)