Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can 'U' spell out your name Plzzz?

There came the Dimple in her enamoring grace,
She was standing in a queue encircled by her pals,
I thought Should I go or wait for some day,
But my friends told to go & make it 'The day',
Hesitantly,i took a step ahead
Ruminating what I'll ask or what she'll tell,
And finally,I murmured to inquire her name!
She replied somehow but her awe was such I just couldn't decipher,
Again I solicited to repeat her name,
But I just couldn't make out and decrypt what she uttered,
Stupidly,i bespoke,'Can you spell out your name, Please?',
Finally,I comprehended what she said,
And in turn I complimented for her pleasing smile,
She gave a smirk and hastily past by,
But thereafter,her mellifluous name was reverberating in my ears!
For Dimple's name seems like of some celestial starlet :)