Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I, Robot....

As I was watching the Will Smith's science-fiction action thriller, it gave the very feel as if 'Sonny' would have indeed been possible in our world,too. Alex Proyas have captured the human-robot bonding and the utter sacrifice of 'Sonny' by proving his faithfulness to humanity. 'I, Robot' is indeed a very good fiction flick.
Robot..the very thought that comes to our mind brings our vivid imaginations of our childhood fantasy. Robots are really nice electro-mechanical agents. They perform tasks, carry out the day-today activities and everything as they are programmed to do. Creatures devoid of emotions, pain, touch, feel,loneliness or any such sensations.. just think and execute,so mechanical but yet so efficient.
Sometimes, I wonder, wish I possess the power to become robot for the period I want. It would have been amazing. I would have carried out all the stuff I want in lesser time without any glitches. But, as we know, desires n cravings always would be there for that human beings can never stop doing & dreaming that. Wish,for sometimes, i would have become an ,'I,Robot'!