Saturday, March 26, 2011

Traits of being in LOVE \:/

Well, one would have come across various persons in life, who are in love. Some proclaim, some acknowledge and some just experience the very feeling of being in platonic love. There are some characteristics which keys out the lovers from the rest.

1. You may find the person sitting all alone and smiling.
2. Sometimes you may find the person soliloquizing.
3. The person's mood may keep on changing abruptly.
4. At times, the person will prefer being to himself and there will be a routine change of activities.
5. Ask the person, he/she may be willing to walk miles & thereafter wait for hours to meet him/her.
6. Features like being tenacious, being patient, being focused and various others start becoming inculcated in that person.
7. The person can do anything for him/her to make him/her happy.
8. At times, the person will behave discourteously and vexatiously, but he/she may be acting unselfishly so as to make the other person cheerful.
9. You may find the person checking his cell-phone for messages and calls all-day long even if he/she receives none & waits for them even after that.
10. No matter how hard he/she tries, the person can never be angry with him/her for too long and will bring the sky down to please her.
11. The very fact of being in the company of him/her elates the mood of the person & the fondness for that person increases exponentially.
12. The person admires him/her so much that everything seems conquerable.
13. The person thinks of him/her all the time - while working, while eating, while sleeping and even while standing & talking with friends,too.
14. Lastly,the love and affection for her/him can be so much that he/she can wait for her/him for a period...time fails here - 'Eternity'!

Note: Love can be dangerous at times but true love always inspires...Remember,love can never be selfish nor does it demands anything, it expects just 'LOVE' in return :)