Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sinuous Life!

Life on a roll,

Life on a spree,

Life on a move,

Life meets life,

Life in a fix,

Life in a maze,

Life in haze,

Life is,indeed, a stage

The Sinuous Life!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

तुम बिन... कविता |

तुम बिन जिया जाए कैसे, 
कैसे जिया जाए तुम बिन
सदियों से लम्बी हैं रातें,
सदियों से लम्बे हुए दिन
आ जाओ लौट कर तुम,
यह दिल केह रहा हैं ||

फिर शामे तन्हाई जागी, 
फिर याद तुम आ रहे हो
फिर जान निकलने लगी हैं,  
फिर मुझको तदपा रहे हो
इस दिल में यादों के मेले हैं,
तुम बिन बहुत हम अकेले हैं |
आ जाओ लौट कर तुम,
यह दिल केह रहा हैं ||

( 'तुम बिन ' फिल्म की कविता...)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Marriage Procedure!

40 hours of sleeplessness... For one of the biggest events in someone's life, Marriage! 
Be it any tradition or religion, this is one of the greatest thing, that happens in the person's life, it can either break down the person or make the person up-to something. Such is the impact whose magnitude cannot be described or measured using any marriage-o-meter or mar-o-meter!
Some of the key features (ten pointers) of this eventful ceremony, which I find, are :
1. You have to smile even when you don't want to. (Say cheese.. and cheek muscles even complain, ahh!)
2. You come across a lot of people whom you don't know, you greet them and it turns out that they share some distant connection with you. (Arey, tum hamare rishtey mein ho..ohh, God only knew when n how!)
3. You want to sit, but still you have to offer your place to someone even when your legs are aching and put up a smile on your face. (Inko bhi abhi aana tha!)
4. You'll find somebody saying, 'You have become a grown-up person now. What are you doing...wagera, wagera?' ( And, you have tell all your whereabouts.. uff !)
5. Enter a famous person be it a politician or a celebrity and you'll find people flock together to take a snap along with them. Vow! (Well, he's just another person, may be something in regards to someone!)
6. You'll find most of the aunties loaded with jewelery and draped in one of the costliest attire as if they are still in their twenties - thirties and people will say, 'You are looking great!'. You just can't utter anything then. (Wish, somebody could go and remind them! )
7. Most of the little sisters will be clothed and act in a way as if they are pretty grown up. (Well, kids will be kids only! )
8. The food stalls, esp. the one with golgapas and chaats will never be desolate from evening to the time until it gets over. (Still, people will say..Arey, yeh tha pata hi nahi chala... as if somebody have to go and give them the menu-card!)
9. Months of meticulous planning, hard work and all the efforts that have been put up gets the due-appreciation on this very day if everything goes well, else... You can't tell then anything! (All's well that end's well! )
10. And, the platform is set for the bride and the groom, the last day to renounce the tags of being called bachelor and spinster. From now onwards, they will be a married couple! (Sounds heavy -'Couple'! )