Tuesday, June 28, 2011

একটু কথা তো বোলো

কি হয়েছে তোমার,
এ রকম চুপ করে আছো
আমার উপরে রাগ আছে
বা হয়েছে কোনো ভুল
কিছু তো বলো,
একটু কথা তো বলো

এই মাটি আর আকাশ ,
সব কিছু জানে
চির কাল থেকে এরা,
সব কিছু দেখেছে
এ রকম করে চুপ থেকে,
কিছু হবে কি,
একটু ভেবে দেখো
একটু কথা তো বলো

দিনের পর দিন,
এ রকম করে চলে যাবে
তুমি ভাবতে থাকবে
আমি দাড়িয়ে থাকব
শুধু তোমার জন্য
একটু কথা বলার জন্য
আমি অপেক্ষা করব,
তোমার জন্য
একটু কথা বলার জন্য...

Alone I fight...

As I was scrolling across my Idol- Big B's pages, I stumbled across a few notable lines quoted by him :"In good times everyone is with you and when you are alone there is no one around. That's why I feel that life is like a boxing ring. Boxing ring is a very amazing place. Outside the ring lakhs of people are there cheering and screaming for you but inside the ring you are alone with your opponent. How you hit him and how you get hit
depends on you. Everyone cheers from outside but no one can come inside and help you." 
"Similarly in life, you have to fight your battles alone. Yes, you will have many people who will cheer for you and make you feel happy, but eventually you have to fight your own battles," Big-B added.
    Sounds a bit harsh, but that's the truth of life. And as the maxim goes, 'We came into the world alone and alone we shall die'.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In search of happiness

I looked for happiness,
Searched here & there
Kept on asking myself,
But didn't get an answer

Selfish I became,
For I looked of my own concern,
And less about others
But then I met someone wise..

And then that someone said,
Search your happiness
In the happiness of others
And you'll be happy,
So thou shall I seek... 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eat or Still you will survive!

Food is the one of the basic necessity for every human being. We fight for and live for it. Almost everyone loves eating, but one cannot gourmandize on their favorite stuff regularly. Can we stay without food?
Hmmm...yeah, why not! But for sometime. Since childhood, we would have seen our mothers fasting for us and for our fathers. Even, we do for our dear and affectionate ones. But, how long can we stay without it...an hour, a day or many more days. It varies from individual to individual depending upon their tenacity, mood or the capacity to stretch oneself. One would have heard of saints and yogis living without food for months, surviving on air and getting their energy from solar spread. The basic question that often comes to our mind is that if one don't eat, will one die? I reckon, not for at least a couple of couple days in which one's proteolytic enzymes are put to rest and 'hunger' enzymes to test. 
            As I contemplate over this, I find it is so good in a way.It's so boring to have food every day. Our fore-fathers said to eat at timed intervals. Our modern system defined it as eat when you are hungry, not to eat when the time comes to have it. Truly, most of the time gets wasted in going to that place, ordering, gossip-mongering and just one-fourth of the time is spent on eating. Wish I would have had a camel's hump to store my food for days. It would have saved so many three-fourth's of my time, which I could have spent or rather wasted on doing some of my interesting stuffs, rather than on eating.
Eat adequately not devouringly, even if we don't ..we know, we'll still find a way how to survive!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If I had an encounter with GOD, then...

I was wondering what would have happened if I had a chance encounter with God someday. The first thing that strikes me was that I'll simply enjoy by asking Him to get most of my work done. But, then I thought why not ask Him to be my adviser. I reckon this would have been better rather than directly asking Him the favors. I want Him to be by my side as an amigo guiding me and telling me about the right's and wrong's of life, rather than making my life easy by simply taking away the hurdles. Well, what is such life if one don't experiences the downs to make the ups more meaningful, when they arrive at one's door.
                 If God was indeed my mentor, I would have posed numerous questions to Him, everyday. I would have asked Him all the trivialities that one faces in life such as :-
a. If a student who has worked hard yet he fails in his exam, then where is the fault of student? How come this implies that he didn't try his level best?
b. Why did He not provide the lame mendicants with some means of living apart from begging?
c. Why don't He provide the needy with what he requires or show him the path to get it?
d. Why doesn't He show the way to a man who hopes everyday that tomorrow will be a better day and who lives & dies in this very hope?
e. Why do people have to judge others when they are incapacitated in those situations?
f. Is there anything such as destiny that guides people or whatever men do & get are as a consequence of their own actions?
g. How do we choose between the paths when both of them seem that they lead to goodness?
h. A man who has lost everything in life, from where shall he hope and garner the mental fortitude to move ahead? Do he have any reason to still fight for in his life?
i. Why do most of the things in life are to be achieved after sacrificing something? 
j. Why is that He gives a glimpse of happiness like an illusion and when one tries to attain it, he gets to know that it was just a mirage?
k. Finally, if He created more than a billion people on this planet, why can't He create a replica of the same person again? It wouldn't have made much of a difference to Him, but certainly it would have impacted the lives of others for whom, that somebody was more than anybody.
     Wish had He been my adviser!!!