Monday, December 31, 2012

From hopeless end to endless hope

Age dawns at me,
My body has fatigued, but has my mind too?
O' Lord, Are you there? O' Lord, do you see?
O' Lord, Are you aware? O' Lord, do you listen?
Give me the power, Give me the strength
Give me the patience to endure & withstand
For I have not been born in this way,
Either to give up or to give in
For I'll change my foreordained place,
And rewrite thy history with stories of mine,
For they shall remember what I did
And I shall go all the way, To get what I want,
To get what I dream of, To get what I deserve
From hopeless end to endless hope...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hey, you wood-Bee..

Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you listening?
Do you see,
Do you feel the way I do?
Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you hearing me?

You hop, you jump and you mill around
Diffusing your radiance, spreading your buzz
You hum & you tattle in your dulcet vocals
Leaving the tittle of your charm as you go by

Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you listening?
Do you understand,
Do you see the way I do?
Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you hearing me?

You are on own, in a world imperturbable
Hardly daunted & fazed by these nitwits of life
You sting, you bite and you twinge
Hurting along the way as you pass-by
You fly around in your own self-woven labyrinths
Meandering & wandering like a falco peregrinus

Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Are you listening to me?
Do you feel,
Do you sense the way I do?
Hey you wood-bee, hey you cood-bee
Hey, you wood-bee cood-bee
Are you hearing me, tonight?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Just another bum

Yeah I know, I know I am just another bum
Who strolls down the streets, who walks around the lanes

Yeah I know, I know I am just another sluggard
Who snores for the whole day, who works very tardily

Yeah I know, I know I am just another wretched glutton
Who just gobbles, who fritters & frovols away

Yeah I know, I know I am just another saphead
Who nods his head, who squanders with his life

Yeah I know, I know I am just another bum
Who does almost nothing, who grovels without thinking

Yeah I know, I know who I am and what I am now
Another one from the neighborhood, Another one to be forgotten!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Volunteering...No, it's something beyond that!

Retrospectively, as I mull over the last year the ways I have chipped in from my end to 'My' company, be it toils to meet the deadlines or be it to contribute socially by educating those little nippers, I feel happy about the way I have done it. A fervent proponent of Bertrand Russell's ideas, I would like to borrow one of his happy life that if we are good, it doesn't imply we will be happy. But, if we are happy, we'll be good. And I, along with my other associates, really feel good about the way those innocuous nippers have learnt and progressed along during the course of this period.

TCS Maitree group has been associated with several CSR activities extending from teaching at schools to organizing walkathons diffusing the social messages of creating an awareness and a healthy environment for all. For the last year and a half, SJM Towers of TCS has been actively involved in doing its part of grooming and indoctrinating the kids of Jakaranya Kere School at Platform Road. The Road, as the name says, has been symbolic in its way where the TCS associates have played a defining role in laying down the basic foundation for those little children by imparting the elementary education as they progress ahead from one class to another. Beginning from reciting the letters of English language to making cards from pencil shavings, the candid little kids are keen & very responsive in learning new things.

The insurmountable task begins with making the kids of the first standard sit in groups where the cacophony of noises and the unceasing movements of theirs add to it. Our volunteers, on a constant vigil, engage their attention in activities like Alphabet scramble & newspaper games so that the kids can easily pick-up & and learn the letters of English language. Counting the numbers are taught using ball-games and other methods. As they move up to the next classes, subjects such as English Language, Mathematics and Social Sciences are stressed upon encompassing topics such as importance of handwriting( in double-line notebooks), multiplication/division of numbers and tables, pronunciation of words and their phonetics, planets of solar system, different types of flowers & animals, et cetera.. On Children's day, many events like poem-recitation, clay-modeling, painting and dance competitions are organized to mark the significance of that day & make them realize it's importance. Finally, just before the classes go for hibernation period of two months, a Summer Camp is held to mark the completion of an year with events like art & crafts where piggy-banks are made from sweet-boxes, chart-papers and adorned by the paintings of theirs, handicrafts like greeting cards made from pencil shavings, collage representing various themes, word-puzzles and fancy dress competition where they dress up from a doctor to a cobbler and are made aware of each roles that are meaningful in shaping up the society.

These activities just give a glimpse of what are being done by our fellow-mates and TCS volunteers for the last few years. The joy and the fun shared with those little children simply cannot be put in these mere words. You have to be with them to enjoy & relish every moment to make a difference in their lives for a greater cause of educating them & sharing a laugh with them [:-)]

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CapABILITY to Excel

"That's on the line, remarkable", uttered Amritraj as Federer gave a stupendous masterclass display of his art on the grass court at Wimbledon. Watching him gives a surreal feel that how effortlessly the ball rolls off from his racket and lands perfectly where he would have wished. Is that so easy? The ability to perform and possessing the required capabilities to excel are two independent sets, both delinked from each other, though the latter comes as a pre-requisite and a necessary condition for the former one.
    As the late American NBC anchor, Jessica Savitch said once, "For two minutes of glamor, there are eight hours of hard work". With hardwork, the ability to perform is underscored by those rigorous long trained hours and that gives one the belief to serenade. But, being born with precocious talents and capable of carrying out are different and can't be equated on the same lines with those of working hard. The perennial eternal debate of natural talents and hard work will go on and will be revisited, whenever both are compared and brought together on the surface. To master such skills takes years of practice and Murray is a prime example how he kept fighting, losing in the grandslam, overcoming all the odds and finally winning a grandslam. But, the very gifted Tendulkar with his masterstrokes showed the world what he was capable of at a very early age. And through years of dedication and hardwork, he has redefined the cricket legacy and set a new yardstick for generations to come.
                A gifted individual along with the ability to play and train hard for long hours is a deadly combination. Not all possesses such mastery over both the forms. Rohit Sharma of Indian cricket team, though being very talented, has often failed to deliver when the situation demanded and that puts his ability to perform in jeopardy though he is capable of.
The visage of the season may gives an insight who can be upcoming stars but to act and to execute at the right times evoking their commitment & passion to excel will segregate the true ablers from the capable ones. Not all are born with this and not all who are born can nurture this. The ability needs to be unCapped.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Mighty Hawk

Perched on the tree-top, aloof from the rest
On a constant vigil, I sit here
Languid I may appear, sluggish I may seem
Let them think for what they cannot dare

Manipulations and machinations is all they do
Fight for a quarry, hunt for another prey
Scouring for their food, there goes another day
Is that for what they are born and live to do?

Hungry I am, in quest of the cognition
Which alleviates my thirst and appeases my desires
And enlighten the vision of my insatiated whims
To give a true insight of who really I am

The scorching sun, I face it's heat
The gusty winds, I resist them
The torrential rains, I withstand it's deluge
The stormy weather,I shield myself from

I have defied the odds, I've learnt to live
I have listened to the music, I've danced to the tunes
I am the mighty, I am the valiant
And,now I shall soar & fly high with my wings spread-by!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finding 'flesym'

I ran through the woods, as fast as the wind swirls through it
I hid myself in the caves, hoping darkness would conceal me in it
I swam in the river until, thinking it may evanesce me in it
I let my mind wander, hoping it can find what it seeks for it

From leeways to those paths, from roads to the highways
From rivulets to the rivers, from lakes to the oceans
From problems to solutions, from despondent to spiritful
From what I was to what I am, from what they want to what I want

I have sieved it through, I have filtered out open
I have laid myself out, I have thrown myself in
To face the music, to dance to the tunes
To discover what I am, to uncover what I can be
To unscramble 'flesym', thus to find MYSELF!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In the midst of travails

In a world of light, in a world of dark
In a world so bright, in a world that larks
Where the voices are heard and let off from the ears
And where the faces are veiled, but shadows distinct

Looks may be ordinary, but desires extraordinary
Tasks appear quotidian added with the daily chores
Yet, they are so significant when served on innovative platter
Survival holds the key, With space to live & breathe

Fight & Run, Be it for life or for the combat
Though different it seems, but intent is the same
Whatever happens in the midst, whoever falls in the lane
Glorified are those who travails down to the end of That lane!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In thy Archaic pages

In the remotest corner, Of the farthest places
Where mind seeks solace, where heart looks for peace
Thou comes across the old but an archaic thing
Which captivates thy attention & beholds it for a while

The while keeps extending, By minutes & hours
Thou may speculate, what has happened to thyself
An answer to ruminate,though onerous it may be
Lost in the labyrinth, entangled in the groovy pages

And as thy flips through from one to the other
Albeit an archaic one, the traces seems to startle
Reminiscent of The day, once again for a while
Thy birthday has become, wake-up wake-up

Revisit those pages, for the quester is back
Let the pages of the book echo out aloud
Again, it's time to don the old hat
To scribble it again, Rewrite thy history!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Of the colorless signs

Records are broken, somewhere history is made
Rules are written and promises are made
Stones are hurled, someplace bricks are laid
And the world gets painted in its own hue with glue!

The child shares a laugh, the fun brings a smile
Contagious though may be, but that's worthwhile
Thoughts and thoughts, they keep on pouring
And the world zooms ahead its own pace with grace!

Despondent She may be, even then She re-assures faith
Belief may waver and hope seems to give away
The feet begin to crumble with the settling signs of dust
And the world flies away in its own darting speed
But, still She holds on amidst of all the colorless signs!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Trampled Flower

There lay the flower thrown in the heap of dust
Crushed and stamped which was once adored
But, now it's withered and lay bequeathed
There was a time when it was in those hands,
Clinged in the hair or it was lover's delight
Revered at the feet or prized as a possession
Admired & loved, Cherished & Idolized
It's not there any more, not any more
For it has lost it's charm, the fragrance
And the spirit which enamored all
For even though it loses it appeal & beauty,
The essence, it teaches shall echo in perpetuity
Such is the fate that it deserves,
Or Time,thou make a way to preserve...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dedicated to the children of...

Joyous laugh with the open hearts
And smiles across the innocuous faces
Kids at work with crafts and play
Are a treat to watch when they say
Rancorous fights over a trifling prize
Aren't bothered even when criticized
Naive they are, in a world of their own
Yet they deport, as if fully-grown
And brings us nearer among the unknown

Kind-hearted nippers full of vigor
Embraces life with their lively soul
Ring-around-a-rosy, the game goes on and
Enacts the life as if it's pre-ordain

Such is their charm, such is their appeal
Captivates us to behold at their unceasing zeal
Heart-rending it appears how they confront
Oozes out an aura, though they may fall
Obscure may be, but not their unfazed spirits
Lest, it disempowers these ingenuous little kids!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

जो बीत गयी

जो बीत गयी सो बात गयी,
अब उनपे आसूं बहाना क्यों?
जो अपना कभी था ही नहीं,
उनपे समय गवाना क्यों?

दुनिया की तो रीत सी हैं,
कल था कोई, कल कोई और मिलेगा
शायद ज़िन्दगी की रीत यही हैं,
बस चलते रहना अब डगमगाना क्यों?

ऐ दिल तू अब सम्हल भी जा,
ये राग अपना फिर सुनना क्यों?
यो व्येर्थ न तू अब जाने दे,
ये पल पल फिर घबराना क्यों?

हर पल को अब तू जी एसे,
की पल सोचेगा क्या हुआ इसे?
बस बढ़ाते जा तू कदम यूँही, 
की मंजिल आ कहें - हाँ, बस यही हैं वो ।।

PS: Inspired from H.R.Bachchan (जो बीत गयी...)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How do I win this WAR?

Is there anyone who can win this War?
The war rages on, with the burning desires
With my inner self and Within myself
But, how do I do when I just can't put a stop to it?

The turmoil wrestles, hauling me behind
Pushes me back as if to start all over again
Again, from that emptiness to make everything
But, how do I do when I've lost my belief?

How do people overcome all the odds
When the stacks are piled all against them
Making them feel like the hapless mortals
Can anyone tell me how do I do to start all o'er again?

The addict brain isn't quiet anymore, it's hooked
Battling with those thoughts & juggling with them
But, how do I overpower them to set myself free?
Is there anyone who can tell me how to win this War?

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dreamy GOAL

I dreamt a dream
For months & years
At times while asleep,
At times with open eyes

I tread on a road
With bumps & bulges
At times I fell,
At times I limped

I sang a song
In a melody of my own

At times to be eulogized,
At times to be mocked

I had a goal
With an eye set on it
At times I lived for it,
At times I died for it


I have missed my goal
With my hopes mashed
At times I'm lost,
At times I'm heartbroken

But, still I dream
With my eyes wide awake
May someday I will say,

Here comes the day
And I wait for My Day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Begin Afresh

March has come with the blooming spring
The withered leaves fall with their whims & grins
The buds shall blossom and boom again
And green blood flourish in their new veins

Sun beams out somewhere far in the sky
With it's rays threading across the misty leaves
Giving them the sparkling gleam & glint
As if the pearls dazzle diffusing its radiance

As I pass-by through the meshy grooves
Ears hearken to the murmuring cheeps
While the breeze flows implanting kisses on my cheek
Cuckoo sings aloud, carolling her tweets

An year has gone, the year is dead
No more I should ponder as they say
The time has come, so does the day
To start my things, all afresh... Begin afresh!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

O l'amour O l'amour!

The silent humming in the darkness of night
Reminiscences of as if the dead are alive
Tears roll down with the eyes turned moist
Only one thought emanates & pervades around
O l'amour! O l'amour! Why you came like a breeze
Shot my heart with a clamorous gun
Wrecking the bosom in a flicker & gone
And then stormed away, as if all undone
O l'amour! O l'amour! Why you did you come
O l'amour, you won’t agnize what you have done!

Februum has come with it's bags full of love
Spreading the warmth around with gay & jocund
But, the eyes still long with a placard of dove
May be the stars shall glimmer & twinkle again
And then I shall squall and shout aloud such
For the clouds will shower with its blessings and say
"O l'amour! O l'amour! Indeed you have gone
 O l'amour, it's really great what you have done!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Those Empty Words

What words I shall scrabble & speak
When it fall on such torpid ears
Spent my days cogitating about her
Sometimes by writing, at times just crying
But, who cares and bothers for she ain't there
Is the world like that or am I such a fool?
Who just can't empathize & carry on!

People were there, people are there
People may come, people may go
People may stand up, people shall clap
People shall utter when something gets done
"Bravo, Bravo... Well, done! Well, done!"
Words are talked, words forgone
Promises are made, promises are forgotten

The empty words with the hollow promises
Takes a dig at Me, why you fell for such
Sooner or Later, I have to face the truth
It's better I be and be with myself
And do my deeds with actions to reflect
Let these manifest what I do & what I'm 
For these shall echo even for years to come
Even when people may come & people may go...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Week - The heartbreak harmony...

For it really doesn't matter, for it really who cares
For the world is like that, for really no one says
Questions and Questions, with answers to mull
Plight may romp, straits can give way
Contrary on the face of it, dis-harmony prevails

Silence crawls up, as if though harmony reigns
While the truth ain't that, as ostensibly it seems
The world is dark and words may fall apart
However one may try, the heart still breaks
And when one tries more, the heart groans & aches

Cupid is really Stupid, for He Himself doesn't brood
Aiming with His bow & arrow, He just shoots
And He doesn't bother to whom does it hit
We, the humans, are His throws or the mere pawns
And, we still alight & rejoice at His game of dare

How satirical it appears, how funny it can be
But, no one really knows how in the world it is to be
Slowly and tardily, one may catch up with the race
But, the heart is lost & torn-apart in this gutsy-pace
Let the harmony prevail even when the heart breaks
For the heart shall learn to live, even if it aches or breaks...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hanging by a thread - Not D'joker'!

"Oh dear, Rafa!" uttered Amritraj as the Spaniard faltered in his own serve at the most decisive time to give the Serb a break-point, which he capitalized it to perfection, eventually leading him to become the champion of the epic match which lasted for three hundred and fifty-three minutes, a record time-span for any Grand-Slam final.
It would have reminded anyone of the Wimbledon final played between Nadal and Federer where the latter was dethroned from his reign at the all England's club in the year 2008. But, the match played on this Sunday was special. Rallies going upto 31 shots, each player fought till their last strength, be it mental or physical, when the gladiator Serb ferociously hit a cross-forehand to pounce upon & regain back his Australian Open title for the year 2012. Novak tore his shirt and screamed, banged and echoed like a dragon, where a million Australian fans waited with abated breath and watched at 1.30 am to witness one of the greatest match in the Open era.
The match begun with first set lasting for an hour and twenty minutes. After that the momentum seem to be sided in favor of the Djokovic. But, at the end of the fourth set, where Novak wavered for a point; the fighter Nadal bounced back taking the game to the final deciding set. But, Novak kept coming at him. He had the belief & conviction that 'Yes, I can. Again this time, too' and so did he for the seventh time in a row, defeating Nadal. What the scoreline says may not be the actual story, but the classic match shall be remembered as one of the greatest fightback by a Spaniard, but won by a Serb warrior. Not just hanging by a thread as ostensibly it perceives it to be. Hat's off to the valiant D'joker!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Bengal to Bengalaru....Voila, two years!

Two years since I began my career in this so called IT industry and I’m still here, really astounding. An amazing journey with many downs and less of ups. That’s the way life goes, I reckon. As I scroll back the pages, I vividly remember the day of January eighteenth in the year of twenty-ten. Fresh herd out of college, slightly rusted (for delay in the joining process) but quite vigorous and enthusiastic about the start of the day in God’ own country from Marxist state of the eastern India. "Welcome everybody to this place" said some supervisor and there was huge uproar in the cinnamon auditorium. That’s when TVM-17 was born. (17 suffixed for being the seventeenth batch of the season, quite obvious!). 
                Initial Learning Phase was applied to the batch for a quarter of a year. We were identified by tags, thereby losing our individual face-values. Rules were laid down and learning processes were taught by various instructors to instill the corporate manners over the period. Strict decorum was followed, breach of which landed us face-off with some supervisor and luckily, I always made it just on time. Ambu’s ways of relating cricket sanctorum with our day-to-day chores used to leave me spellbound and Nisha’s classes of dining etiquettes & on corporate attire were really mesmerizing. Standing at the gallery and having coffee, for there used to be some hidden primary motif, rushing for lunch after the 12:20 class and grabbing a nice seated-table from where we can turn our heads around & have some quick glances, and then leaping back to cardamom hall for our lectures – Those were the fun-filled rocking days.
                As I mull and speculate over those days, it makes me tinkle. Memories; they  preserve them. The revolutionizing word, technology, has undergone a transformation. It takes-no-logy, just applies it on mere human mortals. Life is fast, indeed paced up. Bangalore gave up to Bengalaru and I gave Bengal for being a part of it. I am yet to catch up with it, for apparently it takes years to pass as if I was there in yesterday, but that's just an illusion. The Real Reel is here. C’est la vie!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A fleeting elusive illusory

There is a mother, who longs to see his distant son
There is a mother, who hopes on the hope of his son
There is a mother, who awaits for the glory of his son
There is a mother, who knows that someday he shall return

In his unruffled way, with rugged looks
With laughter on back & smiles on his way
In his compassionate way, with triumph in his bag
With feathers on his cap and In the seventh heaven

But, there is a but, For there is a halt...

The valiant son has lost his obdurate convictions
The intrepid son isn't fearless any longer
The joyful son has abandoned his mirthful laugh
The roaring son is on its way back...

In a befuddled maze,
With discombobulated beliefs,
In an agitated motion,
With a weak heart
In moments of despair,
With dreams at bay
In a fleeting illusory,
With his mashed hopes!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's your horoscope for today?

Welcome 2012!
"The stars are bright and the year's gonna be good for you in terms of finances and relationships." This was the horoscope for me, if I sum up in a line as predicted by my stars for the year, 2011. But, the year came & went and it has proved to be very true, just in the opposite sense. I guess, the person, who foretold, forgot to add the negative connotation before it. 'Horoscope' - What it has in store for you! 
When everything starts going wrong, you search for a ray of light. May be that might help. May be something you can believe in. Perhaps, somebody can console you or May be tomorrow will be a good day. Stupidly, I am besotted everytime I come across such captions - ''What your Star says, Your Horoscope, Zodiac speaks,Ask Mr.X ...and many more."

And what does these accentuate to. Our expectations. Expectation is one such word which has a profound impact in our lives. Firstly, we expect ourselves to achieve something and if we don't, we get demoralized. Then, our parents expect something from us and if we don't perform as per their expectations, they get disheartened. And, there are expectations from the people whom we love and care about, if they don't do, we get dismayed and feel saddened. Such a small word as it seems to be and such an affect it can strike upon. The best part which it appears to me, as I read somewhere, is to keep doing things without anticipating any expectations from others. Expect from oneself to finish the target line, not from others to wait for you when you cross the target line. And then, if something good is about to come, it will come, no matter whatsoever, else it was not destined to be or... Have you the power to change your destiny?