Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Bengal to Bengalaru....Voila, two years!

Two years since I began my career in this so called IT industry and I’m still here, really astounding. An amazing journey with many downs and less of ups. That’s the way life goes, I reckon. As I scroll back the pages, I vividly remember the day of January eighteenth in the year of twenty-ten. Fresh herd out of college, slightly rusted (for delay in the joining process) but quite vigorous and enthusiastic about the start of the day in God’ own country from Marxist state of the eastern India. "Welcome everybody to this place" said some supervisor and there was huge uproar in the cinnamon auditorium. That’s when TVM-17 was born. (17 suffixed for being the seventeenth batch of the season, quite obvious!). 
                Initial Learning Phase was applied to the batch for a quarter of a year. We were identified by tags, thereby losing our individual face-values. Rules were laid down and learning processes were taught by various instructors to instill the corporate manners over the period. Strict decorum was followed, breach of which landed us face-off with some supervisor and luckily, I always made it just on time. Ambu’s ways of relating cricket sanctorum with our day-to-day chores used to leave me spellbound and Nisha’s classes of dining etiquettes & on corporate attire were really mesmerizing. Standing at the gallery and having coffee, for there used to be some hidden primary motif, rushing for lunch after the 12:20 class and grabbing a nice seated-table from where we can turn our heads around & have some quick glances, and then leaping back to cardamom hall for our lectures – Those were the fun-filled rocking days.
                As I mull and speculate over those days, it makes me tinkle. Memories; they  preserve them. The revolutionizing word, technology, has undergone a transformation. It takes-no-logy, just applies it on mere human mortals. Life is fast, indeed paced up. Bangalore gave up to Bengalaru and I gave Bengal for being a part of it. I am yet to catch up with it, for apparently it takes years to pass as if I was there in yesterday, but that's just an illusion. The Real Reel is here. C’est la vie!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A fleeting elusive illusory

There is a mother, who longs to see his distant son
There is a mother, who hopes on the hope of his son
There is a mother, who awaits for the glory of his son
There is a mother, who knows that someday he shall return

In his unruffled way, with rugged looks
With laughter on back & smiles on his way
In his compassionate way, with triumph in his bag
With feathers on his cap and In the seventh heaven

But, there is a but, For there is a halt...

The valiant son has lost his obdurate convictions
The intrepid son isn't fearless any longer
The joyful son has abandoned his mirthful laugh
The roaring son is on its way back...

In a befuddled maze,
With discombobulated beliefs,
In an agitated motion,
With a weak heart
In moments of despair,
With dreams at bay
In a fleeting illusory,
With his mashed hopes!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's your horoscope for today?

Welcome 2012!
"The stars are bright and the year's gonna be good for you in terms of finances and relationships." This was the horoscope for me, if I sum up in a line as predicted by my stars for the year, 2011. But, the year came & went and it has proved to be very true, just in the opposite sense. I guess, the person, who foretold, forgot to add the negative connotation before it. 'Horoscope' - What it has in store for you! 
When everything starts going wrong, you search for a ray of light. May be that might help. May be something you can believe in. Perhaps, somebody can console you or May be tomorrow will be a good day. Stupidly, I am besotted everytime I come across such captions - ''What your Star says, Your Horoscope, Zodiac speaks,Ask Mr.X ...and many more."

And what does these accentuate to. Our expectations. Expectation is one such word which has a profound impact in our lives. Firstly, we expect ourselves to achieve something and if we don't, we get demoralized. Then, our parents expect something from us and if we don't perform as per their expectations, they get disheartened. And, there are expectations from the people whom we love and care about, if they don't do, we get dismayed and feel saddened. Such a small word as it seems to be and such an affect it can strike upon. The best part which it appears to me, as I read somewhere, is to keep doing things without anticipating any expectations from others. Expect from oneself to finish the target line, not from others to wait for you when you cross the target line. And then, if something good is about to come, it will come, no matter whatsoever, else it was not destined to be or... Have you the power to change your destiny?