Tuesday, February 21, 2012

O l'amour O l'amour!

The silent humming in the darkness of night
Reminiscences of as if the dead are alive
Tears roll down with the eyes turned moist
Only one thought emanates & pervades around
O l'amour! O l'amour! Why you came like a breeze
Shot my heart with a clamorous gun
Wrecking the bosom in a flicker & gone
And then stormed away, as if all undone
O l'amour! O l'amour! Why you did you come
O l'amour, you won’t agnize what you have done!

Februum has come with it's bags full of love
Spreading the warmth around with gay & jocund
But, the eyes still long with a placard of dove
May be the stars shall glimmer & twinkle again
And then I shall squall and shout aloud such
For the clouds will shower with its blessings and say
"O l'amour! O l'amour! Indeed you have gone
 O l'amour, it's really great what you have done!"

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Those Empty Words

What words I shall scrabble & speak
When it fall on such torpid ears
Spent my days cogitating about her
Sometimes by writing, at times just crying
But, who cares and bothers for she ain't there
Is the world like that or am I such a fool?
Who just can't empathize & carry on!

People were there, people are there
People may come, people may go
People may stand up, people shall clap
People shall utter when something gets done
"Bravo, Bravo... Well, done! Well, done!"
Words are talked, words forgone
Promises are made, promises are forgotten

The empty words with the hollow promises
Takes a dig at Me, why you fell for such
Sooner or Later, I have to face the truth
It's better I be and be with myself
And do my deeds with actions to reflect
Let these manifest what I do & what I'm 
For these shall echo even for years to come
Even when people may come & people may go...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Week - The heartbreak harmony...

For it really doesn't matter, for it really who cares
For the world is like that, for really no one says
Questions and Questions, with answers to mull
Plight may romp, straits can give way
Contrary on the face of it, dis-harmony prevails

Silence crawls up, as if though harmony reigns
While the truth ain't that, as ostensibly it seems
The world is dark and words may fall apart
However one may try, the heart still breaks
And when one tries more, the heart groans & aches

Cupid is really Stupid, for He Himself doesn't brood
Aiming with His bow & arrow, He just shoots
And He doesn't bother to whom does it hit
We, the humans, are His throws or the mere pawns
And, we still alight & rejoice at His game of dare

How satirical it appears, how funny it can be
But, no one really knows how in the world it is to be
Slowly and tardily, one may catch up with the race
But, the heart is lost & torn-apart in this gutsy-pace
Let the harmony prevail even when the heart breaks
For the heart shall learn to live, even if it aches or breaks...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hanging by a thread - Not D'joker'!

"Oh dear, Rafa!" uttered Amritraj as the Spaniard faltered in his own serve at the most decisive time to give the Serb a break-point, which he capitalized it to perfection, eventually leading him to become the champion of the epic match which lasted for three hundred and fifty-three minutes, a record time-span for any Grand-Slam final.
It would have reminded anyone of the Wimbledon final played between Nadal and Federer where the latter was dethroned from his reign at the all England's club in the year 2008. But, the match played on this Sunday was special. Rallies going upto 31 shots, each player fought till their last strength, be it mental or physical, when the gladiator Serb ferociously hit a cross-forehand to pounce upon & regain back his Australian Open title for the year 2012. Novak tore his shirt and screamed, banged and echoed like a dragon, where a million Australian fans waited with abated breath and watched at 1.30 am to witness one of the greatest match in the Open era.
The match begun with first set lasting for an hour and twenty minutes. After that the momentum seem to be sided in favor of the Djokovic. But, at the end of the fourth set, where Novak wavered for a point; the fighter Nadal bounced back taking the game to the final deciding set. But, Novak kept coming at him. He had the belief & conviction that 'Yes, I can. Again this time, too' and so did he for the seventh time in a row, defeating Nadal. What the scoreline says may not be the actual story, but the classic match shall be remembered as one of the greatest fightback by a Spaniard, but won by a Serb warrior. Not just hanging by a thread as ostensibly it perceives it to be. Hat's off to the valiant D'joker!