Sunday, March 25, 2012

How do I win this WAR?

Is there anyone who can win this War?
The war rages on, with the burning desires
With my inner self and Within myself
But, how do I do when I just can't put a stop to it?

The turmoil wrestles, hauling me behind
Pushes me back as if to start all over again
Again, from that emptiness to make everything
But, how do I do when I've lost my belief?

How do people overcome all the odds
When the stacks are piled all against them
Making them feel like the hapless mortals
Can anyone tell me how do I do to start all o'er again?

The addict brain isn't quiet anymore, it's hooked
Battling with those thoughts & juggling with them
But, how do I overpower them to set myself free?
Is there anyone who can tell me how to win this War?

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Dreamy GOAL

I dreamt a dream
For months & years
At times while asleep,
At times with open eyes

I tread on a road
With bumps & bulges
At times I fell,
At times I limped

I sang a song
In a melody of my own

At times to be eulogized,
At times to be mocked

I had a goal
With an eye set on it
At times I lived for it,
At times I died for it


I have missed my goal
With my hopes mashed
At times I'm lost,
At times I'm heartbroken

But, still I dream
With my eyes wide awake
May someday I will say,

Here comes the day
And I wait for My Day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Begin Afresh

March has come with the blooming spring
The withered leaves fall with their whims & grins
The buds shall blossom and boom again
And green blood flourish in their new veins

Sun beams out somewhere far in the sky
With it's rays threading across the misty leaves
Giving them the sparkling gleam & glint
As if the pearls dazzle diffusing its radiance

As I pass-by through the meshy grooves
Ears hearken to the murmuring cheeps
While the breeze flows implanting kisses on my cheek
Cuckoo sings aloud, carolling her tweets

An year has gone, the year is dead
No more I should ponder as they say
The time has come, so does the day
To start my things, all afresh... Begin afresh!