Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dedicated to the children of...

Joyous laugh with the open hearts
And smiles across the innocuous faces
Kids at work with crafts and play
Are a treat to watch when they say
Rancorous fights over a trifling prize
Aren't bothered even when criticized
Naive they are, in a world of their own
Yet they deport, as if fully-grown
And brings us nearer among the unknown

Kind-hearted nippers full of vigor
Embraces life with their lively soul
Ring-around-a-rosy, the game goes on and
Enacts the life as if it's pre-ordain

Such is their charm, such is their appeal
Captivates us to behold at their unceasing zeal
Heart-rending it appears how they confront
Oozes out an aura, though they may fall
Obscure may be, but not their unfazed spirits
Lest, it disempowers these ingenuous little kids!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

जो बीत गयी

जो बीत गयी सो बात गयी,
अब उनपे आसूं बहाना क्यों?
जो अपना कभी था ही नहीं,
उनपे समय गवाना क्यों?

दुनिया की तो रीत सी हैं,
कल था कोई, कल कोई और मिलेगा
शायद ज़िन्दगी की रीत यही हैं,
बस चलते रहना अब डगमगाना क्यों?

ऐ दिल तू अब सम्हल भी जा,
ये राग अपना फिर सुनना क्यों?
यो व्येर्थ न तू अब जाने दे,
ये पल पल फिर घबराना क्यों?

हर पल को अब तू जी एसे,
की पल सोचेगा क्या हुआ इसे?
बस बढ़ाते जा तू कदम यूँही, 
की मंजिल आ कहें - हाँ, बस यही हैं वो ।।

PS: Inspired from H.R.Bachchan (जो बीत गयी...)