Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In thy Archaic pages

In the remotest corner, Of the farthest places
Where mind seeks solace, where heart looks for peace
Thou comes across the old but an archaic thing
Which captivates thy attention & beholds it for a while

The while keeps extending, By minutes & hours
Thou may speculate, what has happened to thyself
An answer to ruminate,though onerous it may be
Lost in the labyrinth, entangled in the groovy pages

And as thy flips through from one to the other
Albeit an archaic one, the traces seems to startle
Reminiscent of The day, once again for a while
Thy birthday has become, wake-up wake-up

Revisit those pages, for the quester is back
Let the pages of the book echo out aloud
Again, it's time to don the old hat
To scribble it again, Rewrite thy history!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Of the colorless signs

Records are broken, somewhere history is made
Rules are written and promises are made
Stones are hurled, someplace bricks are laid
And the world gets painted in its own hue with glue!

The child shares a laugh, the fun brings a smile
Contagious though may be, but that's worthwhile
Thoughts and thoughts, they keep on pouring
And the world zooms ahead its own pace with grace!

Despondent She may be, even then She re-assures faith
Belief may waver and hope seems to give away
The feet begin to crumble with the settling signs of dust
And the world flies away in its own darting speed
But, still She holds on amidst of all the colorless signs!