Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finding 'flesym'

I ran through the woods, as fast as the wind swirls through it
I hid myself in the caves, hoping darkness would conceal me in it
I swam in the river until, thinking it may evanesce me in it
I let my mind wander, hoping it can find what it seeks for it

From leeways to those paths, from roads to the highways
From rivulets to the rivers, from lakes to the oceans
From problems to solutions, from despondent to spiritful
From what I was to what I am, from what they want to what I want

I have sieved it through, I have filtered out open
I have laid myself out, I have thrown myself in
To face the music, to dance to the tunes
To discover what I am, to uncover what I can be
To unscramble 'flesym', thus to find MYSELF!