Friday, September 21, 2012

The Mighty Hawk

Perched on the tree-top, aloof from the rest
On a constant vigil, I sit here
Languid I may appear, sluggish I may seem
Let them think for what they cannot dare

Manipulations and machinations is all they do
Fight for a quarry, hunt for another prey
Scouring for their food, there goes another day
Is that for what they are born and live to do?

Hungry I am, in quest of the cognition
Which alleviates my thirst and appeases my desires
And enlighten the vision of my insatiated whims
To give a true insight of who really I am

The scorching sun, I face it's heat
The gusty winds, I resist them
The torrential rains, I withstand it's deluge
The stormy weather,I shield myself from

I have defied the odds, I've learnt to live
I have listened to the music, I've danced to the tunes
I am the mighty, I am the valiant
And,now I shall soar & fly high with my wings spread-by!