Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CapABILITY to Excel

"That's on the line, remarkable", uttered Amritraj as Federer gave a stupendous masterclass display of his art on the grass court at Wimbledon. Watching him gives a surreal feel that how effortlessly the ball rolls off from his racket and lands perfectly where he would have wished. Is that so easy? The ability to perform and possessing the required capabilities to excel are two independent sets, both delinked from each other, though the latter comes as a pre-requisite and a necessary condition for the former one.
    As the late American NBC anchor, Jessica Savitch said once, "For two minutes of glamor, there are eight hours of hard work". With hardwork, the ability to perform is underscored by those rigorous long trained hours and that gives one the belief to serenade. But, being born with precocious talents and capable of carrying out are different and can't be equated on the same lines with those of working hard. The perennial eternal debate of natural talents and hard work will go on and will be revisited, whenever both are compared and brought together on the surface. To master such skills takes years of practice and Murray is a prime example how he kept fighting, losing in the grandslam, overcoming all the odds and finally winning a grandslam. But, the very gifted Tendulkar with his masterstrokes showed the world what he was capable of at a very early age. And through years of dedication and hardwork, he has redefined the cricket legacy and set a new yardstick for generations to come.
                A gifted individual along with the ability to play and train hard for long hours is a deadly combination. Not all possesses such mastery over both the forms. Rohit Sharma of Indian cricket team, though being very talented, has often failed to deliver when the situation demanded and that puts his ability to perform in jeopardy though he is capable of.
The visage of the season may gives an insight who can be upcoming stars but to act and to execute at the right times evoking their commitment & passion to excel will segregate the true ablers from the capable ones. Not all are born with this and not all who are born can nurture this. The ability needs to be unCapped.