Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Volunteering...No, it's something beyond that!

Retrospectively, as I mull over the last year the ways I have chipped in from my end to 'My' company, be it toils to meet the deadlines or be it to contribute socially by educating those little nippers, I feel happy about the way I have done it. A fervent proponent of Bertrand Russell's ideas, I would like to borrow one of his happy life that if we are good, it doesn't imply we will be happy. But, if we are happy, we'll be good. And I, along with my other associates, really feel good about the way those innocuous nippers have learnt and progressed along during the course of this period.

TCS Maitree group has been associated with several CSR activities extending from teaching at schools to organizing walkathons diffusing the social messages of creating an awareness and a healthy environment for all. For the last year and a half, SJM Towers of TCS has been actively involved in doing its part of grooming and indoctrinating the kids of Jakaranya Kere School at Platform Road. The Road, as the name says, has been symbolic in its way where the TCS associates have played a defining role in laying down the basic foundation for those little children by imparting the elementary education as they progress ahead from one class to another. Beginning from reciting the letters of English language to making cards from pencil shavings, the candid little kids are keen & very responsive in learning new things.

The insurmountable task begins with making the kids of the first standard sit in groups where the cacophony of noises and the unceasing movements of theirs add to it. Our volunteers, on a constant vigil, engage their attention in activities like Alphabet scramble & newspaper games so that the kids can easily pick-up & and learn the letters of English language. Counting the numbers are taught using ball-games and other methods. As they move up to the next classes, subjects such as English Language, Mathematics and Social Sciences are stressed upon encompassing topics such as importance of handwriting( in double-line notebooks), multiplication/division of numbers and tables, pronunciation of words and their phonetics, planets of solar system, different types of flowers & animals, et cetera.. On Children's day, many events like poem-recitation, clay-modeling, painting and dance competitions are organized to mark the significance of that day & make them realize it's importance. Finally, just before the classes go for hibernation period of two months, a Summer Camp is held to mark the completion of an year with events like art & crafts where piggy-banks are made from sweet-boxes, chart-papers and adorned by the paintings of theirs, handicrafts like greeting cards made from pencil shavings, collage representing various themes, word-puzzles and fancy dress competition where they dress up from a doctor to a cobbler and are made aware of each roles that are meaningful in shaping up the society.

These activities just give a glimpse of what are being done by our fellow-mates and TCS volunteers for the last few years. The joy and the fun shared with those little children simply cannot be put in these mere words. You have to be with them to enjoy & relish every moment to make a difference in their lives for a greater cause of educating them & sharing a laugh with them [:-)]