Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Randomness has a new meaning

I think I ought to scribble this now, not just for the sake of saying it but more of informing the aspirers. Sooner or later, this would have surely popped up.  
Let me ask this you folks. What's the buzzing word that comes to your mind when you think of top Indian B-schools? Still thinking? Tell me, what’s the foremost thing that occurs to your mind when you start imagining that you have actually attained it? Are those six figures of  placements glorified by Indian media, the perpetual dream of cashflow, or the talent pool of geniuses gearing up to be the country’s next in-line managers, or the best life that you will be having henceforth once you get into these schools still lurking in your stimulated minds?
                  Some of you might be already aware of it but how do you know how is Brownian motion entwined with our day-to-day life. Every student who enters B-schools would have dreamt of carving out his niche in his area of interest domain. Some end up chasing something else, some gets what he wants & some gets what he would have never visualized before & after passing out the B-school. 

Now, the moot question is how this allocation happens. Do you get a chance to select the desired industry or do you play the wait ‘n’ watch game & then make your moves? Or is it the aura that you have had carried since childhood will sail you through this as well? The answer to all such questions is ‘Inexplicable Randomness’. In other words, you don’t decide what you want to do, you do what you get & then you decide where life takes you. Sound weird, isn’t it?

Welcome to the cat-race! B-school wants placements; media wants self-aggrandizing numbers & students wants jobs. Then, why do people who are about to leave are so dissatisfied compared to the happiness they had when they entered these hallowed institutions.
May be this was the life you wanted. May be not. May be your dreams are fulfilled or shattered. May be everything went according to the plan. May be when reality struck, life showed you the true meaning. May be you are yet to discover the hidden meanings. 

All I can say is I am in the process of witnessing such acts of randomness at one of the biggest stages of India. The more I dig, the deeper I reach and I really don’t know where I am heading to. I just know I am going along with the herd & still looking for what I actually want to with multitudes of opinion pouring day-in & day-out. And I don’t whether I should be happy or whether I should sit back & contemplate. And as Bhogle says, the entropy just keeps increasing. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Passion had the last laugh

You are fired”. Those were the last words which were still reverberating in the ears of Mr. Jatin Joshilay, while he was unpacking his things of the old office.

Always known as one of the best person to do the task at hand, Mr. Joshilay was a man of his words. Adjectives such as talented, intelligent, smart, punctual, workaholic, systematic were too less to describe him. He was so passionate about the work that he did and the assignments that he was allotted to, that sometimes the clients were taken aback by the agility of their completion. He was often asked by his superiors to slow down his pace and also have been reprimanded quite a few times as well.
        Unknowingly, in this world of cat & mouse, Mr. Joshilay was trying to be a quick rat, albeit a different one which slowly exploded in the form of him being given a final golden handshake. His colleague, Mr. Neel Neendwaale, who happens to join at the same time three years back was promoted to manage the European division of the sales network, with an additional hefty bonus. Known for his tardy responses and lackadaisical attitude, Mr. Neendwaale was often caught snoring at his workplace & finishing his work way past deadlines (sometimes upto 3 weeks late) for which his boss used to admire him and tell his inspiring anecdotes throughout the office to all the new joinees.

In the last one month, Mr. Joshilay had been rejected by 8 firms, out of which 4 were the top big IB firms which had only question for him. “What does Mr. Joshilay think of controlling his passion & swiftness and not try to be an insomniac?” And Mr. Joshilay couldn’t reply to that. Mr. Joshilay was still searching for an answer and in the process, he recollected those times, when Neel used to drop by at his cube asking him to take a break, to which he used to politely refuse.  One fine evening, while passing by, Neel gave him a piece of advice not to break his head at work and to have “Chalta hain” attitude like him which will carry him all the way to the top. To which Jatin simply laughed and ignored. Today he regretted. Alas!

But, the fact that troubled him the most was nobody gave him any proper explanation as to why he was asked to leave in the midst of all. His manager gave him only one reply while departing, “You are too passionate for your work! Try containing it.” Unfortunately, Passion had the last laugh.

Note: This article has been published under Faking News as well. You can follow it over here -

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hey you sisters

Hey you sister, hey you biggie sister 
Hey you motu, hey you little chotu 
Are you listening to me today? 
I know I miss you, I know you’ll miss me 
But, I also know 
You do care 
And it reminds of the times we share 
Hey you sister, hey you biggie sister 
Hey you minu, hey you little nee-no 
Are you hearing me today?

For my sisters – Madhwi & Meenakshi

Sunday, July 21, 2013

एक झलक सी ही...

क्यों न तुम आकर, ज़रा मुस्करा कर फिर चले जाना
बस  एक पल ही सही, एक पल के लिए सिर्फ आ जाना
क्यों न तुम आकर, एक झलक दिखला कर फिर चले जाना
बस दो पल के लिए ही, एक बार हमें याद तोह कर लेना

इस अस्मंजश में हैं हम, की करे भी तोह क्या करे
कभी भूल जाना भी करे, पर इस यादों में हैं आ उलझे
इस मुशकिल में आ ठेहरे, की मन तोह बहुत कुछ करे
माना हैं कभी कहाँ नहीं मैंने, पर इस चुप्पी को कभी सुना तोह करो

इंतज़ार और इंतज़ार, बहुत करवाया हैं इस समय ने
पर अब तुम आ भी जाओ, एक पल के लिए ही
पर अब तुम यूँ न तड़पाओ, अब उस एक झलक सी ही के लिए

Monday, June 24, 2013

On the Edge

With a silent whisper, you said me so
At the flick of a coin, with a deathly blow
Why I couldn't see, Why I didn't understand
The montage I had, Completely broken & bare
Like a dolt I thought, Like a stupid I listened
To the beats of the rain, In the music of thy charm

Now in dire straits, On this stranded place
With an open heart, Still Bags full of hope
Though darkness has it all, With no lights to escape
I still sit like a fool, On the edge of my desire
With Castles in the air, And Dreams on a plane
May be someday I'll get lost, In those woods of deep
When thy may never find, And I always knew I longed!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Late Goodbye

Warped in the cold, Laden with the daily drudges
With a heavy foot, Dragged by the tow

In the shivering days of snow, With a smiling glow
With a bag full of laughter, Numbed on my way

Many are left unsaid, A few ones unspoken
The bond I share, May that shall remain unbroken

A lot are to be missed, A lot that remain will miss
Life takes its turns, Life seems on a roller-coaster ride

Time flies with age to count, As if we are just passengers
And time has come to say, Let me have another day

With all those memories, In my lingering minds
I bid thy, though it's a late Good-bye!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Granny on FB…VOILA!

On an exhausting and mundane day, when I returned back home and checked my FB account at night, I had a surprise friend request from a known person, my granny. Shocked? 
Even, I was taken aback. And it didn’t end here. She had a fair number of friends in two digits in her list, in 90s, in her account & had some impeccably, awesome photos of her yester years, a few of which I, myself, was seeing for the first time. How come I missed these snaps of her?
                                   Never imagined in my wildest dreams my granny would be on FB! Still my mom is yet to create her account and she hardly finds time to squander away in these leisure-time activities unlike my granny (assuming she, herself, does & maintains that). It must be the work of my cousins and I thought, let me first check with them. I called them up and enquired &got a straight no from all of them. I knew all of them would be lying, trying to dupe me. So, I asked my mom but I was astonished when I got to know that my granny has learnt to switch on PC, enter the user-name & password and other nuances of handling it. Really, that blew my mind! How social has our networks become?

In fact, she has got addicted to be on FB for at least an hour to see what her grandsons, grand-daughters & other known ones are doing and spending their time. She likes my pictures but is learning to post lengthy comments and navigate further on the internet. Last Wednesday, on a snap uploaded by my college friend at a pub, she commented," Party going? Are you drinking?" What do you think I would have replied?
             I commented, “No daadi, aisa nahi hain. Yeh sab friends hain jo party aur drink karte hain. Mein toh bas… Aap jaanti hain, mein kaisa hoon!” :D :D :D. Time for a change, to change with time ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small Bets - That's Life

As I read the column titled  – ‘Always Ahead of the Curve’ of April edition of the BusinessWorld about the winners of Young hottest start-ups, I was left wondering with the oft-quoted but hackneyed phrase – ‘Drop by Drop fills the ocean’. The Gargi twins, as described, have been taking small bets in their life since 1998 before finally registering their company in 2009. Their story is so much similar to the insights revealed by Peter Sims in his book – ‘LITTLE BETS’.
                   Always fascinated by tag-lines, I stopped by to have a glance at the book because of the word ‘ideas’ in its and after skimming through the first few pages, I made up my mind – Just finish it!
The book is very intriguing in itself as it analyzes & deduces from the works carried out by the greats of  21st century, much similar to Malcolm Gladwell well-compiled books, but different in the way that it comes to a common conclusion after much introspection, as to what can be adopted, taken & practiced to propel forward in life.
Beginning with Chris Rock, Peter slims illustrates how Chris experimented firstly at small comedy clubs before finally performing them at global world tours. He continues forward citing the examples of Google founders – Page & Brin and their library search project, Jeff Bezos and his failures transforming him from resigning to booming into A(ma)->Z(on) and then Beethoven’s art of experimentation, which gradually distinguished him from Mozart & others. What was so common among them – Trying to hit targets by making a series of little bets and in the process, attaining extraordinary success. 

                    Prodigies & geniuses are there & will be there but they are exceptionally rare but also, there are people who strive to unlock their creative potential by having growth based mindset, taking small steps, failing fast and then recovering also as fast as they failed so as to learn quickly & then move forward. HP, Pixar, Grameen Bank are exemplary in these cases. Steve Jobs is a maverick, but why? In animation industry, he followed and took steps which ultimately transformed the way that industry can witness decades later. PIXAR is a great example of that. Likewise, Belkan’s Chet Pipkin followed the principle of doing all the things to discover what to do. Experimentation, careful observation, problem finding & playful improvisation are all part of such approach. And as the Slims says, “It all begins with one little bet.” After all, life is a creative process.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A thousand dreams

Shouldn't I do this, Why can't I try that?
Just from the mere thought, Sprouts a new dream
Can I really do that, Can't I try something bigger?
Just the mere push, Rekindles a new hope
What if I shall fail, Shall I try that again?
Just the mere words, Lifts up my spirit
Did she smile at me, Does she really like me?
Just the mere smile, Imbalances my stupid-cupid hormones

A thousand dreams get born, A hundred ones let die
With start of each day, Dreams are on a fly
Pick the one you like, Pick the one you can hold
For dreams shall keep coming, For what dreams shall unfold
And you can never know, And you can never tell
Where your destiny may lie, Where your destiny would take
For you have to travel far, For you have to sail alone
Journey full of gusto, Journey needs to be done

In a world full of cries, In a world full of smiles
In the land of thousand dreams, In the land where I better be!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The long wait...

Years of turmoil, Months spent in penance
Days of hard labor, Weeks in growing agony
All those traumatizing hours, All those eerie moans
Comes to a sudden halt, Comes as a splash

Alas! What I have done! What I have really done!
Has my eyesight weakened? Has my mind gone numb?
Am I in my senses? Am I in control of my mind?
Can somebody tell me? Can someone please help?

Shaken by the actuality, Jolted by the paralyzing truth
My mind cannot fathom, What my eyes searched to looked at
With my limbs benumbed, My subconscious turned unconscious
Brought back from the winks, By the twinkling blinks

With a feel of elation, And a sense of respite
The boundless joys, the inexplicable glee
The act seems to be realized, The mitzvah done
But, how can I stop now? Why can't I dream again?

Thanks to the Almighty, Bow to the Supreme being
I can't get all, I cannot desire for all what I want
Then life would have been perfect, but life's a stage
And my soul keeps whispering, the longing wait is temporary over...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monkeys in Bizness

What do Mahatma Gandhi, John Rolfe and Peter Troob have in common? If the hint would be that all of the three propagated their messages using a maxim which are widely known throughout the world, then will it trigger something in your neurotic synapses? Still pondering? Let me disclose then; it is the "The three wise monkeys”. Gandhiji had this rare possession in his Ashram and John Rolfe & Peter Troob( I'll be addressing them as JR & PT), fellow associates, depicted them on the cover page of their book, named "MONKEY BUSINESS".  But the monkeys of JR & PT are of 21st century, who wear formal suits, possess a cash-rich bag with dollars flowing out and work at investment banks.
Anybody who does book-window shopping would be attracted to it by the mere glance of the book-cover. Same was the case with me and I picked it up immediately. I added it to my reading-list, started skimming through it in a dilly-dally manner initially but found it difficult to pause after having read a few pages. And after finishing, I said to myself - "How can somebody write so neatly and sarcastically about what is being carried out at the workplace & worshiped outside in such biting humor". The quotes & proverbs at the beginning of each segregated chapters spice it up, too. One of the rhymes used goes like, “I wish I were a moron – My God, perhaps I am!”
                 JR & PT passed out from two of the world's best B-schools - Wharton & Harvard and were recruited by DLJ (Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette), a defunct US investment bank (IB) now. And in this book-"Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle – Monkey Business", they have described what the life of an I-banker is - a mirage which keeps pushing you either till you are burned out to burst or you get adapted to it. The process starts from the fertile breeding grounds of the B-schools, where the students are interviewed & selected for internship. The buzzing words inside those first year b-school heads are the six figures as reported by Placement Survey, teamwork, banking, boozes, gals, and cocktail parties – Fuck Man! That’s the life I have always dreamt about. I need that JOB!!!
                      The chosen ones flex their muscles at the world’s best I-banks, after having gone through multiple, rigorous rounds of interviews along with the pain of covering those glossy answers with big lies – “I really like the way…”, though experienced fellows are seasoned in that, too. Once entered, you get to see what actually these I-banks do and how it all happens inside these big firms but restricted to for a short period of time for about ten weeks with handsome bonuses. And when the interned students are given a lifeline-PPO (Pre-placement Offer) to become full-time goose-killers and be a part of their bandwagon, they are stuffed with monetary rewards. Not all can be their part of the wholesome. Only crème de la crème can. And the non-creamy ones need to take a rebirth for that. I-bankers as what are popularly known as stands at the helm of the world like eagles soaring over the heads of common folks, starting with analysts at the lowest level, followed by associates, Vice-president, Managing Director and the hierarchy goes on and on... What attracts the most to this profession are the hefty packages with a grand lifestyle of parties, social engagements and gateway-pass to the deluxe hotels allowing you to indulge in affluent & hedonistic pleasures. Along with that comes endless hours of work, travel and meetings. A ubiquitous part is the preparation of drafts which go through rounds and rounds and rounds of evaluation till the top-level finally gives a nod, a few hours before the pitch is made and the associates at lower rug get the actual I-bank feel of it. They need to lick the asses, blow their own trumpets and are the ones whom the bosses can trifle & play around whenever they want in whatsoever ways – in short, a human robot but with desires. Whoa, sounds exciting!
                       The best time for the I-bankers is the time spent at the printer. Printer? Yes, as the offering company covers all the expenses & in excesses to an extent for him until you gets browned off. Balance is not a proper word to be used if you are an I-banker. It may happen as delineated that you may end up drooling in meetings, sleeping in the board-rooms and finally getting only sixteen hours of sleep out of the allotted 168 hours of a week. When it comes to compensation, if it isn’t as good as offered by Goldman Sachs, an I-banking yardstick to compare, it simply isn’t good enough. An year of hard-work & mating at this level gets paid in form of big fat-bonuses & incentives, with tap at your back, “… great promise as a banker… potential to be a real star”.
               Not all can last long in this arena. PT left after two years and three months followed by JR after six months. They wanted LIFE in their life, so they joined other private equity firms which gave them enough time to leverage their personal & professional lives. Nevertheless, the lessons learnt at DLJ were very valuable in their life, as they acquired the skills how to lick and keep ticking, no matter what. You may marvel at what they might have missed by leaving, however are they really missing out on something? Boarding the IB-ship isn’t that easy as you know now. The pain, the drudgeries, the long working hours, the happiness, the rewards & remunerations – will be there but life. And as Orson Welles said, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” I reckon, JR & PT realized that in such short time-span.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Nursery Rhyme --- Hoo-Lee

Splash a little, spill a little
I won't mind
Throw a little, pour a little
Let the bells chime!
Shout a little, yell a little
I shall join
Trip a little, Fall a little
Let the sun shine!

Happy HOLI!!! [:-)]

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The eight-inch bricks

Far from the place, Spaced out by miles
Lies a place, Where all yearn to be at
In search of life, Just for a mere dime
Home O'home, Why did we desert YOU?
To all those sleeping ones, To all those unsleepy ones
Days will pass, Night shall come & go
But out of our palatial homes, Aren't we poorer?
Bounded by these walls, Stared by these eight inch-bricks galore

Confined in our bodily prisons, Burdened with the mundane chores
Every now & then, We tend to whine & sneer
Man tricks man, Isn't that something common?
For we would've come across, For we would've been the butts
In the world that we live, Such are very hackneyed
How do we forget then, What is the ultimate end?
Life takes a shot, With its Giggles & Sniggers
And we'll be laid to rest, Laughed by these eight inch-bricks galore!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Come On, HEWITT!'

It was the year 2001 when the great Sampras & the star Agassi were doing the rounds to capture the grand slams title of the year. Flip through the Telegraph then, these names would have been the buzzing words - the title contender, the title defender & more. Aptly true!
              An avid TV-watcher then, I tuned to the Sports channel where I saw a young teenager limping & fighting with the doubles-great favorite, whose initials reminded me of the great Bjorn Borg; and I got glued to the match. What attracted to me especially was the way the young lad kept telling himself not to give up, lifting his spirit & kept coming back every-time he faltered. "COME ON!... Come Onnnn!" were the reverberating words & the whole crowd was cheering for him, too. This five-setter marathon match at the Australian Open heralded the coming of the player, Lleyton Hewitt, a name to be reckoned whenever the Australian tennis history pages will be scrolled & in the tennis history, too. The young, unseasoned & courageous lad went to win his first grand slam title that year at US Open defeating one of the legends of the game - Pete Sampras. And I added him to one my favorites thinking 'What a self-motivating teen he is!'
                         That hasn't changed till now but Lleyton Hewitt has. A decade later, I got to watch a match of him & Wawrinka, where Hewitt lost to the Swiss in two straight sets at the BNP Paribas Open for this year. Hewitt played aggressive and tried hard to outrun his opponent but his rival proved too good for him producing some marvelous backhand & winners like his fellow compatriot, Federer. The alarming fact was that Hewitt was broken thrice in the match, once at his own serve, which really proved to a crucial break for Wawrinka. The score line read 6-4, 7-5 but it was closer than what it seemed. One thing which the former US champ hasn't lost is his fighting spirit. The young lad of 2001 needs to trigger himself more so as to capitalize on those small & definitive game-changing points. Hope we will get to see more of him in the coming days, when the crowds shall echo -"Come ON, Hewitt!".

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ouch, that hurts "My sentiments".. DEATH!

"Dhara-e Ten Sau Do(302) of Bhartiya Sanwidhan(Indian Constitution) ke tehet, you are charged with attempt to murder and will be hanged till death" uttered the honorable judge of the court. Then he used to break his pen's nib as a sign of symbolic bad luck gesture with the echoing of "Naheeeeeeeee...." either of the person's wife or his mother in despair. That was the first time I heard what's death sentence is all about in one of the 80's movies in my Vth Standard. Later, I got to read about it in one of the finest short story of Anton Chekov - 'The Bet' in my 9th standard.
                                     Life sentence vs Death sentence - this perennial debate has been going on since then or may be before that. Do life sentence makes the accused feel guilty of the crime he committed & brings a change in him or do hanging by death sets an example how grave the crime committed by the person was? It's difficult to reason out and to outline a theory for it what's right or what's wrong, though evidences can comprehensively collected and data can be surmised to come to a near conclusion for either of them. Death sentence has always evoked strong responses. Many countries have even repealed it by giving the criminals/accused a life sentence of more than the average life span of the normal human being or by euthanising them. The death sentence of Ajmal Kasab and the recent hanging of Afzal Guru has again brought back the discussion to the fore. What needs to be done? The operation was kept mum until they were hanged.For Afzal guru, some said proper methods weren't followed, some said the decision was made in a hurry & many other voices opined too. The effect was felt mostly in the valleys of Jammu & Kashmir, the place to which he belonged followed by a ruckus in the J&K Assembly. I wonder do the life of him is valued more than the lives which we took when he masterminded those attacks on Parliament, as he is believed to have done, by some of our leaders & elected representatives. If justice was delivered, why this hullabaloo then? Ah!, we live in a democratic country and people have the right to express, so do our honorable elected ministers. That's how the blame-game & electoral games are played & decided upon. Everybody knows Indian judiciary is tardy in processing & pursuing the cases against the accused, who may or may not be, before finally coming to verdict, though eventually it comes to & gives it after a wait of many long years. Some hope! And that's why we believe in this system, thus reposing our faith on the continuum of law of the Indian judiciary.

                                    I know it would have been tough to take a decision that concerns a person's life but I hope the courageous decision would have been made after considering all those relevant facts that led to the one. Death is inevitable. Everybody dies but how you die when your time comes that matters. The last words of the great socialist, Hugo Rafael Chavez were "I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die". He also bequeathed his countrymen but what he did were reflected in the eyes of theirs. People cried & mourned as if they have lost someone from their own family. This debate on death sentence will go on but what will eventually matter is the deliverance of the justice by the system for its people. And ultimately, death will be finish line for all. And as the charismatic pioneer, Steven Paul Jobs said, "No one wants to die. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it." Till then, walk, trot & gallop! (:D)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pounding PUSH... ed

Lost in my path, Searching for a way
Amidst all the chaos, where should I go?
Out of nowhere, from the dark clouds
Glimmered a light, it took me by surprise
Dazzled by its glimmer, Shook by the thunder
Echoed a Voice, as if it spoke to Me
My heart started to pound, palms turned sweaty
What's happening here, where I am now?
With no One there, I seemed scared
Looked here & there, hunted for an answer
Heard a voice, "Follow the Light!"
With my gathered courage, I took the step
A mile I walked, a mile I ran
With my heads down, I halted for a breath
When I stood up, I was amazed what I found
On the edge of cliff, Standing on the top
On a clear sky, my path was perfectly laid
Who brought me here, how did I reach?
Came a voice within, "Courage stands out!"
With my pounding hearts, I doubted a few
When pushed to the wall, I always knew!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I enjoy that!

"It's something I'm excited about." Those were the last words said by my Swiss hero in the post-match conference after losing to the Scots star. It's always  heartbreaking to see my maestro lose, especially when the matches extend to five sets and his opponent plays more aggressive, thereby giving him less chances to break their service games and making it more difficult for him. I want him to win whenever he plays like the way I want my cric hero, the Sachin, to score whenever he walks to the 22-yard battlefield taking the sledgehammer bat in his hand.

Three years ago, the Scot lost to the Swiss Star in the Australian Open final, 2010 in straight sets. He cried and added,"I can cry like Roger, it's just a shame I can't play like him". Today, it was the semis of Australian Open 2013 and his opponent was none other than the Swiss legend, Roger. But, this time the result was otherwise. Murray dominated the game in five-set thriller, winning it and reaching the final to face the title defender, Novak. Another fighter of the game.

It's been thrice since Federer has reached the semi-finals of Australian Open and lost. But for the first time in a five-setter in semis over here. Throughout that match I was hoping, now the Scot will make an error, there he will scream at himself. But, nothing as such happened. Murray has learnt over the course of time to be calm, not allowing the opponent to read his mind, henceforth giving himself a better chance of taking a shot at the grand slam. It comes with experience and he, too has learnt it like a sincere student. Anybody who would have seen him playing in the last grand slam then and now, can easily spot the difference in his attitude. But, why with my Swiss hero? It breaks hearts when he loses coming so close. Today, his usual elegant movements were not noticeable in the final set. He didn't run that hard and the poise with which he slices the ball with his backhand was not there. May be the back-to-back five setter would have tired him out, but he's not the one who resort to excuses and he said, "No regrets from me." He is six years older than the Scot but still he keeps playing at an intensity which will surprise a 20 year old guy. No other play in the tennis history plays so gracefully with one hand as he does. From his backhand to serve, his repertoire of shots ranges from a whole lot that one would simply love to sit and watch. As he says,"
I enjoy that", Roger Federer will be coming back more strong, as strong as an ox as he always has been. He enjoys playing tough tennis.

Friday, January 18, 2013

3 years to reckon

On a day, when 
the fight for the 'India's girl' still goes on; 
Prez rule is imposed on Jharkhand since its formation;
Captive hostages are released in Algiers; 
Boeing Dreamliners are grounded in India, also; 
Aaron's law (based on the death of the internet activist) to be tabled is suggested by the Congresswoman;
India's 3rd largest IT company, Wipro, posts a 2.4% growth in sequential dollar revenue, but lower than Infy's 4.2% and TCS's 3.3%;
Aussies are bowled for a paltry second lowest total of 74 in an ODI; 
Djoker continues his form over the Czec and Maria crushes William's sister in the third round of Australian Open'13
Armstrong admits to doping stating, "Certainly, I'm a flawed character" at Oprah's show, 
I complete three years of my working experience, three memorable years in the so called IT world in the Silicon valley of India. 

 Welcome to the another year of 2013 IT :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's all about RAFA!

Being a FedEx fan for over the years, it's tough to applaud his opponent, though I may be biased towards my ten times ATPWorldTour awardee, but I am forced to acknowledge that sometimes the classy, sublime FedEx also seems fallible against this brawny Nadal, rather Rafa as the world calls him.

Last weekend, I was looking for a biography of my maestro-RF but ended up picking up RAFA (as the maestro's one is yet to come out). This book is an absorbing read for all those Rafa fans, who wants to know more about him - what is so special about him, why is he ranked among one of those tennis legends, is he worthy of those for what the world hails him & many more self-posed questions. Borrowing a part of the quote from Shakespeare, Rafa has 'achieved greatness' like some of the greats in the tennis history. A mere example of his grand continuum can be assessed from the fact that he has been a record 7-time French Open champion till now starting with his first grand slam of 2005, apart from the fourth round Solderling-tragedy of 2009, which was a blessing in disguise for my Swiss hero.

Wimbledon 2008 was a dream for Rafa, until he finally made it true on 6th July, etching his name in the history books as one of the greatest matches ever played in this Open Era with his favorite rival, Ah!, my Swiss maestro. This book delineates in bits & pieces in every chapter, the way how he sustained the mental battle & long anguish, exercised his self-belief & played to his game-plan and ultimately, made his way to glory, along came his career ranking of No.1, too. An apt phrase for the Spaniard will be the partial application of Newton's laws that once he gets going, he just gets going. The rate of conversion becomes proportional to his hardened, rock attitude, maintaining his 'Una buena cara'.

At an age when the nippers just play, have fun & frolic around, this Mallorcan has been practising daily under the tutelage of his Uncle Tony, the calculative man and his coach, who stood like a rock behind this Spaniard. Lines like 'Look, however small the possibility might be of victory, fight to the very end' says it all about the attitude of Tony Nadal. In the final of Australian Open 2009, where he was to play FedEx, Rafa was exhausted to a point in the semi-final that his muscles had cramped-up & became stiff; he wasn't sure that he could win or he could continue to play either. He presumed that he had lost it before playing the match and said to his uncle, "I'm sorry... I just can't". Then his uncle voiced his words and gave a stirring speech to him. "Don't say you can't. Because anybody who digs deep enough can always find the motivation they need for anything. In war, people do things that appear to be impossible. Just imagine if there were a guy sitting behind you in the stadium pointing a gun at you, telling you that if you didn't run and keep running, he'd shoot you. I bet you'd run then. So, come on! It's up to you to find the motivation to win. This is your big chance. Bad as you might be feeling now, it's likely that you'll never have as good a chance of winning the Australian Open as you do today. And even if there's only a one percent chance of you winning this match, well, then you have to squeeze every last drop out of that once percent. Remember that phrase of Barack Obama's, 'Yes,we can!' At every changeover, repeat it to yourself, because, you know what? The truth is you can do it. What you can never allow yourself is to fail because of a loss of will. You can lose because your rival played better, but you can't lose because you failed to give your best. That would be a crime. But you won't do that, I know it. Because you always do give your best and today will be no big exception. You can Rafael! You really can!".(Excerpts from the book).

And Rafa, indeed, won 7-5,3-6,7-6,3-6,6-2 and as his physical-therapist friend, Titin said, pain is in the mind. If you can control the mind, you can control the body and Nadal triumphed above all that day to prove it forthright to become the Australian Open champion of 2009.

A shy boy, a homely person and a Real fan, he tells how he adjust his timings to watch matches and how he rushes back home to spend time with his family & friends - Miguel, Tomeu & others, whenever he can find time after the matches and tournaments. How he handles fame, lives in his islandic-home, his candid confessions about his likes & dislikes, his relationships with his sponsors and how he manages them along with his day-to-day life is very neatly outlined & beautifully described in his 'story of life'. And as he says, the three most important ladies in his life are his mom, his sister and his low-profile girlfriend, Mario Perello or Xisca as the media defines her. The world may be bemused about him, but 'Vamos' for this brawny, hardened, dynamic & emotive-volitive RAFA. Australian Open 2013 will definitely miss him!