Monday, February 25, 2013

Pounding PUSH... ed

Lost in my path, Searching for a way
Amidst all the chaos, where should I go?
Out of nowhere, from the dark clouds
Glimmered a light, it took me by surprise
Dazzled by its glimmer, Shook by the thunder
Echoed a Voice, as if it spoke to Me
My heart started to pound, palms turned sweaty
What's happening here, where I am now?
With no One there, I seemed scared
Looked here & there, hunted for an answer
Heard a voice, "Follow the Light!"
With my gathered courage, I took the step
A mile I walked, a mile I ran
With my heads down, I halted for a breath
When I stood up, I was amazed what I found
On the edge of cliff, Standing on the top
On a clear sky, my path was perfectly laid
Who brought me here, how did I reach?
Came a voice within, "Courage stands out!"
With my pounding hearts, I doubted a few
When pushed to the wall, I always knew!