Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Nursery Rhyme --- Hoo-Lee

Splash a little, spill a little
I won't mind
Throw a little, pour a little
Let the bells chime!
Shout a little, yell a little
I shall join
Trip a little, Fall a little
Let the sun shine!

Happy HOLI!!! [:-)]

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The eight-inch bricks

Far from the place, Spaced out by miles
Lies a place, Where all yearn to be at
In search of life, Just for a mere dime
Home O'home, Why did we desert YOU?
To all those sleeping ones, To all those unsleepy ones
Days will pass, Night shall come & go
But out of our palatial homes, Aren't we poorer?
Bounded by these walls, Stared by these eight inch-bricks galore

Confined in our bodily prisons, Burdened with the mundane chores
Every now & then, We tend to whine & sneer
Man tricks man, Isn't that something common?
For we would've come across, For we would've been the butts
In the world that we live, Such are very hackneyed
How do we forget then, What is the ultimate end?
Life takes a shot, With its Giggles & Sniggers
And we'll be laid to rest, Laughed by these eight inch-bricks galore!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Come On, HEWITT!'

It was the year 2001 when the great Sampras & the star Agassi were doing the rounds to capture the grand slams title of the year. Flip through the Telegraph then, these names would have been the buzzing words - the title contender, the title defender & more. Aptly true!
              An avid TV-watcher then, I tuned to the Sports channel where I saw a young teenager limping & fighting with the doubles-great favorite, whose initials reminded me of the great Bjorn Borg; and I got glued to the match. What attracted to me especially was the way the young lad kept telling himself not to give up, lifting his spirit & kept coming back every-time he faltered. "COME ON!... Come Onnnn!" were the reverberating words & the whole crowd was cheering for him, too. This five-setter marathon match at the Australian Open heralded the coming of the player, Lleyton Hewitt, a name to be reckoned whenever the Australian tennis history pages will be scrolled & in the tennis history, too. The young, unseasoned & courageous lad went to win his first grand slam title that year at US Open defeating one of the legends of the game - Pete Sampras. And I added him to one my favorites thinking 'What a self-motivating teen he is!'
                         That hasn't changed till now but Lleyton Hewitt has. A decade later, I got to watch a match of him & Wawrinka, where Hewitt lost to the Swiss in two straight sets at the BNP Paribas Open for this year. Hewitt played aggressive and tried hard to outrun his opponent but his rival proved too good for him producing some marvelous backhand & winners like his fellow compatriot, Federer. The alarming fact was that Hewitt was broken thrice in the match, once at his own serve, which really proved to a crucial break for Wawrinka. The score line read 6-4, 7-5 but it was closer than what it seemed. One thing which the former US champ hasn't lost is his fighting spirit. The young lad of 2001 needs to trigger himself more so as to capitalize on those small & definitive game-changing points. Hope we will get to see more of him in the coming days, when the crowds shall echo -"Come ON, Hewitt!".

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ouch, that hurts "My sentiments".. DEATH!

"Dhara-e Ten Sau Do(302) of Bhartiya Sanwidhan(Indian Constitution) ke tehet, you are charged with attempt to murder and will be hanged till death" uttered the honorable judge of the court. Then he used to break his pen's nib as a sign of symbolic bad luck gesture with the echoing of "Naheeeeeeeee...." either of the person's wife or his mother in despair. That was the first time I heard what's death sentence is all about in one of the 80's movies in my Vth Standard. Later, I got to read about it in one of the finest short story of Anton Chekov - 'The Bet' in my 9th standard.
                                     Life sentence vs Death sentence - this perennial debate has been going on since then or may be before that. Do life sentence makes the accused feel guilty of the crime he committed & brings a change in him or do hanging by death sets an example how grave the crime committed by the person was? It's difficult to reason out and to outline a theory for it what's right or what's wrong, though evidences can comprehensively collected and data can be surmised to come to a near conclusion for either of them. Death sentence has always evoked strong responses. Many countries have even repealed it by giving the criminals/accused a life sentence of more than the average life span of the normal human being or by euthanising them. The death sentence of Ajmal Kasab and the recent hanging of Afzal Guru has again brought back the discussion to the fore. What needs to be done? The operation was kept mum until they were hanged.For Afzal guru, some said proper methods weren't followed, some said the decision was made in a hurry & many other voices opined too. The effect was felt mostly in the valleys of Jammu & Kashmir, the place to which he belonged followed by a ruckus in the J&K Assembly. I wonder do the life of him is valued more than the lives which we took when he masterminded those attacks on Parliament, as he is believed to have done, by some of our leaders & elected representatives. If justice was delivered, why this hullabaloo then? Ah!, we live in a democratic country and people have the right to express, so do our honorable elected ministers. That's how the blame-game & electoral games are played & decided upon. Everybody knows Indian judiciary is tardy in processing & pursuing the cases against the accused, who may or may not be, before finally coming to verdict, though eventually it comes to & gives it after a wait of many long years. Some hope! And that's why we believe in this system, thus reposing our faith on the continuum of law of the Indian judiciary.

                                    I know it would have been tough to take a decision that concerns a person's life but I hope the courageous decision would have been made after considering all those relevant facts that led to the one. Death is inevitable. Everybody dies but how you die when your time comes that matters. The last words of the great socialist, Hugo Rafael Chavez were "I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die". He also bequeathed his countrymen but what he did were reflected in the eyes of theirs. People cried & mourned as if they have lost someone from their own family. This debate on death sentence will go on but what will eventually matter is the deliverance of the justice by the system for its people. And ultimately, death will be finish line for all. And as the charismatic pioneer, Steven Paul Jobs said, "No one wants to die. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it." Till then, walk, trot & gallop! (:D)