Thursday, April 25, 2013

A thousand dreams

Shouldn't I do this, Why can't I try that?
Just from the mere thought, Sprouts a new dream
Can I really do that, Can't I try something bigger?
Just the mere push, Rekindles a new hope
What if I shall fail, Shall I try that again?
Just the mere words, Lifts up my spirit
Did she smile at me, Does she really like me?
Just the mere smile, Imbalances my stupid-cupid hormones

A thousand dreams get born, A hundred ones let die
With start of each day, Dreams are on a fly
Pick the one you like, Pick the one you can hold
For dreams shall keep coming, For what dreams shall unfold
And you can never know, And you can never tell
Where your destiny may lie, Where your destiny would take
For you have to travel far, For you have to sail alone
Journey full of gusto, Journey needs to be done

In a world full of cries, In a world full of smiles
In the land of thousand dreams, In the land where I better be!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The long wait...

Years of turmoil, Months spent in penance
Days of hard labor, Weeks in growing agony
All those traumatizing hours, All those eerie moans
Comes to a sudden halt, Comes as a splash

Alas! What I have done! What I have really done!
Has my eyesight weakened? Has my mind gone numb?
Am I in my senses? Am I in control of my mind?
Can somebody tell me? Can someone please help?

Shaken by the actuality, Jolted by the paralyzing truth
My mind cannot fathom, What my eyes searched to looked at
With my limbs benumbed, My subconscious turned unconscious
Brought back from the winks, By the twinkling blinks

With a feel of elation, And a sense of respite
The boundless joys, the inexplicable glee
The act seems to be realized, The mitzvah done
But, how can I stop now? Why can't I dream again?

Thanks to the Almighty, Bow to the Supreme being
I can't get all, I cannot desire for all what I want
Then life would have been perfect, but life's a stage
And my soul keeps whispering, the longing wait is temporary over...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monkeys in Bizness

What do Mahatma Gandhi, John Rolfe and Peter Troob have in common? If the hint would be that all of the three propagated their messages using a maxim which are widely known throughout the world, then will it trigger something in your neurotic synapses? Still pondering? Let me disclose then; it is the "The three wise monkeys”. Gandhiji had this rare possession in his Ashram and John Rolfe & Peter Troob( I'll be addressing them as JR & PT), fellow associates, depicted them on the cover page of their book, named "MONKEY BUSINESS".  But the monkeys of JR & PT are of 21st century, who wear formal suits, possess a cash-rich bag with dollars flowing out and work at investment banks.
Anybody who does book-window shopping would be attracted to it by the mere glance of the book-cover. Same was the case with me and I picked it up immediately. I added it to my reading-list, started skimming through it in a dilly-dally manner initially but found it difficult to pause after having read a few pages. And after finishing, I said to myself - "How can somebody write so neatly and sarcastically about what is being carried out at the workplace & worshiped outside in such biting humor". The quotes & proverbs at the beginning of each segregated chapters spice it up, too. One of the rhymes used goes like, “I wish I were a moron – My God, perhaps I am!”
                 JR & PT passed out from two of the world's best B-schools - Wharton & Harvard and were recruited by DLJ (Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette), a defunct US investment bank (IB) now. And in this book-"Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle – Monkey Business", they have described what the life of an I-banker is - a mirage which keeps pushing you either till you are burned out to burst or you get adapted to it. The process starts from the fertile breeding grounds of the B-schools, where the students are interviewed & selected for internship. The buzzing words inside those first year b-school heads are the six figures as reported by Placement Survey, teamwork, banking, boozes, gals, and cocktail parties – Fuck Man! That’s the life I have always dreamt about. I need that JOB!!!
                      The chosen ones flex their muscles at the world’s best I-banks, after having gone through multiple, rigorous rounds of interviews along with the pain of covering those glossy answers with big lies – “I really like the way…”, though experienced fellows are seasoned in that, too. Once entered, you get to see what actually these I-banks do and how it all happens inside these big firms but restricted to for a short period of time for about ten weeks with handsome bonuses. And when the interned students are given a lifeline-PPO (Pre-placement Offer) to become full-time goose-killers and be a part of their bandwagon, they are stuffed with monetary rewards. Not all can be their part of the wholesome. Only crème de la crème can. And the non-creamy ones need to take a rebirth for that. I-bankers as what are popularly known as stands at the helm of the world like eagles soaring over the heads of common folks, starting with analysts at the lowest level, followed by associates, Vice-president, Managing Director and the hierarchy goes on and on... What attracts the most to this profession are the hefty packages with a grand lifestyle of parties, social engagements and gateway-pass to the deluxe hotels allowing you to indulge in affluent & hedonistic pleasures. Along with that comes endless hours of work, travel and meetings. A ubiquitous part is the preparation of drafts which go through rounds and rounds and rounds of evaluation till the top-level finally gives a nod, a few hours before the pitch is made and the associates at lower rug get the actual I-bank feel of it. They need to lick the asses, blow their own trumpets and are the ones whom the bosses can trifle & play around whenever they want in whatsoever ways – in short, a human robot but with desires. Whoa, sounds exciting!
                       The best time for the I-bankers is the time spent at the printer. Printer? Yes, as the offering company covers all the expenses & in excesses to an extent for him until you gets browned off. Balance is not a proper word to be used if you are an I-banker. It may happen as delineated that you may end up drooling in meetings, sleeping in the board-rooms and finally getting only sixteen hours of sleep out of the allotted 168 hours of a week. When it comes to compensation, if it isn’t as good as offered by Goldman Sachs, an I-banking yardstick to compare, it simply isn’t good enough. An year of hard-work & mating at this level gets paid in form of big fat-bonuses & incentives, with tap at your back, “… great promise as a banker… potential to be a real star”.
               Not all can last long in this arena. PT left after two years and three months followed by JR after six months. They wanted LIFE in their life, so they joined other private equity firms which gave them enough time to leverage their personal & professional lives. Nevertheless, the lessons learnt at DLJ were very valuable in their life, as they acquired the skills how to lick and keep ticking, no matter what. You may marvel at what they might have missed by leaving, however are they really missing out on something? Boarding the IB-ship isn’t that easy as you know now. The pain, the drudgeries, the long working hours, the happiness, the rewards & remunerations – will be there but life. And as Orson Welles said, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” I reckon, JR & PT realized that in such short time-span.