Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Granny on FB…VOILA!

On an exhausting and mundane day, when I returned back home and checked my FB account at night, I had a surprise friend request from a known person, my granny. Shocked? 
Even, I was taken aback. And it didn’t end here. She had a fair number of friends in two digits in her list, in 90s, in her account & had some impeccably, awesome photos of her yester years, a few of which I, myself, was seeing for the first time. How come I missed these snaps of her?
                                   Never imagined in my wildest dreams my granny would be on FB! Still my mom is yet to create her account and she hardly finds time to squander away in these leisure-time activities unlike my granny (assuming she, herself, does & maintains that). It must be the work of my cousins and I thought, let me first check with them. I called them up and enquired &got a straight no from all of them. I knew all of them would be lying, trying to dupe me. So, I asked my mom but I was astonished when I got to know that my granny has learnt to switch on PC, enter the user-name & password and other nuances of handling it. Really, that blew my mind! How social has our networks become?

In fact, she has got addicted to be on FB for at least an hour to see what her grandsons, grand-daughters & other known ones are doing and spending their time. She likes my pictures but is learning to post lengthy comments and navigate further on the internet. Last Wednesday, on a snap uploaded by my college friend at a pub, she commented," Party going? Are you drinking?" What do you think I would have replied?
             I commented, “No daadi, aisa nahi hain. Yeh sab friends hain jo party aur drink karte hain. Mein toh bas… Aap jaanti hain, mein kaisa hoon!” :D :D :D. Time for a change, to change with time ;)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small Bets - That's Life

As I read the column titled  – ‘Always Ahead of the Curve’ of April edition of the BusinessWorld about the winners of Young hottest start-ups, I was left wondering with the oft-quoted but hackneyed phrase – ‘Drop by Drop fills the ocean’. The Gargi twins, as described, have been taking small bets in their life since 1998 before finally registering their company in 2009. Their story is so much similar to the insights revealed by Peter Sims in his book – ‘LITTLE BETS’.
                   Always fascinated by tag-lines, I stopped by to have a glance at the book because of the word ‘ideas’ in its and after skimming through the first few pages, I made up my mind – Just finish it!
The book is very intriguing in itself as it analyzes & deduces from the works carried out by the greats of  21st century, much similar to Malcolm Gladwell well-compiled books, but different in the way that it comes to a common conclusion after much introspection, as to what can be adopted, taken & practiced to propel forward in life.
Beginning with Chris Rock, Peter slims illustrates how Chris experimented firstly at small comedy clubs before finally performing them at global world tours. He continues forward citing the examples of Google founders – Page & Brin and their library search project, Jeff Bezos and his failures transforming him from resigning to booming into A(ma)->Z(on) and then Beethoven’s art of experimentation, which gradually distinguished him from Mozart & others. What was so common among them – Trying to hit targets by making a series of little bets and in the process, attaining extraordinary success. 

                    Prodigies & geniuses are there & will be there but they are exceptionally rare but also, there are people who strive to unlock their creative potential by having growth based mindset, taking small steps, failing fast and then recovering also as fast as they failed so as to learn quickly & then move forward. HP, Pixar, Grameen Bank are exemplary in these cases. Steve Jobs is a maverick, but why? In animation industry, he followed and took steps which ultimately transformed the way that industry can witness decades later. PIXAR is a great example of that. Likewise, Belkan’s Chet Pipkin followed the principle of doing all the things to discover what to do. Experimentation, careful observation, problem finding & playful improvisation are all part of such approach. And as the Slims says, “It all begins with one little bet.” After all, life is a creative process.