Monday, June 24, 2013

On the Edge

With a silent whisper, you said me so
At the flick of a coin, with a deathly blow
Why I couldn't see, Why I didn't understand
The montage I had, Completely broken & bare
Like a dolt I thought, Like a stupid I listened
To the beats of the rain, In the music of thy charm

Now in dire straits, On this stranded place
With an open heart, Still Bags full of hope
Though darkness has it all, With no lights to escape
I still sit like a fool, On the edge of my desire
With Castles in the air, And Dreams on a plane
May be someday I'll get lost, In those woods of deep
When thy may never find, And I always knew I longed!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Late Goodbye

Warped in the cold, Laden with the daily drudges
With a heavy foot, Dragged by the tow

In the shivering days of snow, With a smiling glow
With a bag full of laughter, Numbed on my way

Many are left unsaid, A few ones unspoken
The bond I share, May that shall remain unbroken

A lot are to be missed, A lot that remain will miss
Life takes its turns, Life seems on a roller-coaster ride

Time flies with age to count, As if we are just passengers
And time has come to say, Let me have another day

With all those memories, In my lingering minds
I bid thy, though it's a late Good-bye!