Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Randomness has a new meaning

I think I ought to scribble this now, not just for the sake of saying it but more of informing the aspirers. Sooner or later, this would have surely popped up.  
Let me ask this you folks. What's the buzzing word that comes to your mind when you think of top Indian B-schools? Still thinking? Tell me, what’s the foremost thing that occurs to your mind when you start imagining that you have actually attained it? Are those six figures of  placements glorified by Indian media, the perpetual dream of cashflow, or the talent pool of geniuses gearing up to be the country’s next in-line managers, or the best life that you will be having henceforth once you get into these schools still lurking in your stimulated minds?
                  Some of you might be already aware of it but how do you know how is Brownian motion entwined with our day-to-day life. Every student who enters B-schools would have dreamt of carving out his niche in his area of interest domain. Some end up chasing something else, some gets what he wants & some gets what he would have never visualized before & after passing out the B-school. 

Now, the moot question is how this allocation happens. Do you get a chance to select the desired industry or do you play the wait ‘n’ watch game & then make your moves? Or is it the aura that you have had carried since childhood will sail you through this as well? The answer to all such questions is ‘Inexplicable Randomness’. In other words, you don’t decide what you want to do, you do what you get & then you decide where life takes you. Sound weird, isn’t it?

Welcome to the cat-race! B-school wants placements; media wants self-aggrandizing numbers & students wants jobs. Then, why do people who are about to leave are so dissatisfied compared to the happiness they had when they entered these hallowed institutions.
May be this was the life you wanted. May be not. May be your dreams are fulfilled or shattered. May be everything went according to the plan. May be when reality struck, life showed you the true meaning. May be you are yet to discover the hidden meanings. 

All I can say is I am in the process of witnessing such acts of randomness at one of the biggest stages of India. The more I dig, the deeper I reach and I really don’t know where I am heading to. I just know I am going along with the herd & still looking for what I actually want to with multitudes of opinion pouring day-in & day-out. And I don’t whether I should be happy or whether I should sit back & contemplate. And as Bhogle says, the entropy just keeps increasing.